The Fertility Journey can be an Emotional Roller Coaster

Fertility yoga

The fertility journey can be an emotional roller coaster. When women come into the yoga space for a fertility workshop there is usually a mixed feel in the room. As a teacher I’m aware that fertility yoga is not a celebration, like pregnancy yoga can be, nor should it be […]

Embodied Postpartum

emodied postpartum

‘Embodied Postpartum’.An essential Birthlight initiative for 2022 What is it? A package of our best selected practices for ‘holding and handling’ new babies, that we believe can make the most significant difference to the quality of care and attachment between parents and their newborns in the community. Why are we […]

Well Woman Yoga supports women through all kinds of life transitions

Cathy Welch shares how Well Woman Yoga supports women through all kinds of life transitions As an experienced childbirth educator it felt very natural to move into teaching first Pregnancy Yoga and then Postnatal Yoga – extending my relationship with the women on my courses and offering a gentle and […]

How Ayurveda Informs Yoga Practice

Liese van Dam

Spot interview with Liese van Dam Ayurveda Practitioner & Yoga teacher- Birthlight trained teacher for Perinatal, Postnatal, Baby Yoga and Well Woman YogaTeacher at Delight Academy of Ayurveda, Amsterdam Praktijk voor Yoga & So Liese, like many of us in the beginning, you had pregnant women show up in your […]

Maternal emotions and human development

pregnancy yoga

The role of the mother’s biochemistry in foetal development is well known. Good nutrition and avoiding toxins are advocated in all maternity care programs. There is less awareness however about the information relayed by mothers to their unborn babies about their perceptions of the world around them, including their attitudes […]

The Gerry Step

Baby Communication Week Day 7 14 – 21st June Soon after the birth of my first granddaughter Rosie, it became clear that Grandpa Gerry had a uniquely effective way of soothing her. Cradling her in his arms, he bounced left and right in small rhythmical steps, then forwards and back […]

How to Promote Baby Communication as a Professional

Baby Communication Awareness Week Day 3 14 – 20th June The adorable Crystal Faith and lovely mummy Yemi have known only pandemic life together. They have used the time to joyfully grow their relationship. Newborn Crystal with mum Yemi attended Marion’s livestream BabyYogaMassage sessions where they enjoyed nurturing the strong […]

Teaching Green Parents about Aquatic Nurture

Francoise Freedman talks to “Green Parent” magazine regarding what’s different about Birthlight Baby Swimming! Baby baths – every parent knows about baby baths. We do them on a regular basis! But Francoise Freedman in her article in “Green Parent” magazine shows us that bathtime can be more than just about […]

BeYogaBeyond Symposium

Françoise Freedman will be speaking at the BeYogaBeyond Symposium running from 23- 25th April 2021. The Symposium is organised by the European Yoga Federation and will be the first symposium held by them. The focus of the meeting, featuring over 25 speakers, 10 special guests and 10 musicians, is to […]