Book your course below. All of us have had to adapt to new ways of working so we have taken some of our worldwide teacher training courses online in live Zoom sessions with the tutor (sessions are also recorded for playback later if necessary). We have received excellent feedback from these courses. We are also excited to be introducing our new blended courses that combine an online study component with live sessions on Zoom (and face-to-face training in the future). This will considerably enhance the learning journey with clips, quizzes and presentations to help you integrate all that you learn on one of our courses. And our experienced tutors are there to answer your questions. All members receive a membership discount. If you have any queries please contact us. ** Please note: for best readability of the table below on a mobile phone please hold the phone horizontally rather than vertically.

Calendar of Upcoming Courses (By Month)

Aquanatal Yoga (UK)Various dates and locations being planned – some already set – see belowRegister Interest
Aquatic NurtureVarious dates and locations being planned – register interest (Livestream, online)Register Interest
Baby Swimming 1 (Greece)Running throughout 2023 in GreeceInfo/Booking
Baby Swimming 2 (Greece)Running throughout 2023 in GreeceInfo/Booking
Perinatal Yoga Starts 12th January 2023, Livestream online, (UK / Global)Info / Booking
Integrated Baby Massage and Baby Yoga 1Starts 20th January 2023, Livestream online, (UK / Global)Info / Booking
Aquanatal Yoga (Wales)Starts 25th January 2023 w/ Kathryn, Blended/online, (Wales)Info / Booking
Yoga for FertilityStarts 27th January 2023 w/ Francoise & Vera, Livestream online, (UK / Global)Info / Booking
Baby Yoga (Germany)Starts 4th February 2023 w/ Bryony & Johanna, Livestream online, (Germany / Global)Info / Booking
Yoga for MenopauseStarts 10th February 2023 w/ Belinda & Francoise, Livestream online, (UK / Global)Info / Booking
Postnatal Yoga Starts 2nd February 2023 w/Kirsteen, Livestream online, (UK / Global)Info / Booking
Toddler YogaStarts 4th March 2023 w/ Emma, Livestream online, (UK / Global)Info / Booking
Infant Aquatics & Baby SwimmingStarts 29th March 2023 w/ Francoise, Blended onlilne, (UK / Global)Info / Booking
Baby Swimming (Northern Ireland)Starts 12th April 2023 w/ Gill, face2face, (Lisburn, NI)Info / Booking
Aquanatal Yoga (Northern Ireland)Starts 17th April 2023 w/ Gill, Blended (online & face2face), (Lisburn, NI)Info / Booking
Perinatal Yoga (Utrecht, NL)Starts 6th May 2023 w/ Kirsteen, Blended (online & face2face), (Utrecht, NL at YogaMoves)Info / Booking
Diastasis Recti Workshop CPD (Switzerland)Starts 13th May 2023 w/ Gisela, Livestream online, (Switzerland / Global)Info / Booking
Yoga for Cesarean Scar Healing (Utrecht, NL)Starts 14th May 2023 w/ Kirsteen, (Utrecht, NL at YogaMoves)Info / Booking
Baby Yoga Diploma (Paris)Starts in June 2023 w/ Amelie, (Paris, France)Register Interest
Perinatal Yoga Part 1&2 (Switzerland)Starts 9th June 2023 w/ Gisela, Livestream online w/ optional face2face, ( Switzerland / Global)Info / Booking
Postnatal Yoga (Switzerland)Starts 8th September 2023 w/ Gisela, Livestream online, (Switzerland / Global)Info / Booking
Well Woman Yoga Training Starts 20th October 2023 Livestream online (UK / Global)Register Interest
Well Woman Aqua Yoga Training &
Well Woman Yoga Retreat (Italy)
30th October – 5th November 2023Register Interest
Perinatal Yoga (Switzerland)Starts 3rd November 2023 w/ Gisela, Livestream online, (Switzerland / Global)Info / Booking

Birthlight Terms and Conditions for Courses Above

Birthlight baby yoga

Birthlight Baby Yoga – February 2023 (Bryony / Johanna)

Birthlight Yoga for Diastasis Recti

Birthlight Yoga for resolving Diastasis Recti CPD – September 2023 (Belinda)

Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga training Jan/Feb 2023 with Katy Offer


Birthlight Infant Aquatics ~ Baby Swimming Diploma – March/April 2023 (Françoise Freedman)

postnatal mum

Birthlight Postnatal Yoga February & March 2023

holistic menopause

Holistic Menopause with Birthlight Yoga – February 2023 (Francoise/Belinda)

belinda perinatal

Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Training Course – January 2023 (Belinda)


BINBY 1 – Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Training – January 2023 (Emma)


Birthlight Yoga for Fertility and Early Pregnancy Support – January 2023 (Françoise & Vera)

Ayurvedic Liese

Postnatal Support from an Ayurvedic Perspective Birthlight CPD – December 2022 (Liese van Dam)


Birthlight Baby Swimming Diploma, 30th Anniversary Training – Oct/Nov 2022 (Françoise Freedman)

Ayurvedic Liese

Menstrual Support from an Ayurvedic Perspective Birthlight mini CPD – Nov 2022 (Liese van Dam)

Birthlight baby yoga

Baby Yoga – November/December 2022 (Amelie)

toddler yoga

Toddler Yoga – October 2022 (Emma)


Well Woman Yoga Diploma UK/Europe – October/December 2022 (Françoise / Belinda / Liese)


Birthlight Yoga for resolving Diastasis Recti CPD – September 2022 (Belinda)


Aquanatal Yoga Training – Sept/Oct 2022 (Françoise)

yoga for mental health

Birthlight CPD: Yoga to support Perinatal Mental Health before birth – Sept 2022 (Françoise)

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