Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions which are not answered here please don’t hesitate to contact us with your question.  Usually we are pretty quick at turning them around.

In the course descriptions on this website (Perinatal Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga, Baby Swimming, and Well Woman) we use various terminology in the “Format and Duration” subsection of each course.  The format for these blended courses takes advantage of an “online course component” which means it will have online reading, quizzes, etc to complete.  This online component will be combined with our classic  face-to-face training courses and our new livestream training courses (using Zoom to provide live contact hours between tutor and participants).  The online learning component uses this website to give the participants tutor-led online reading, quizzes and assignments to be done outside of the contact sessions (when you purchase a course you receive access to these course materials).  The blended course covers the same amount of material (no more, no less usually) than the classic face-to-face course of yesteryear but just using the blended format.  Here are the terms we are using on our course pages:


  • Classic – a Birthlight course in which the course meets in face-to-face meetings
  • Classic Blended – a Birthlight course in which the course meets in face-to-face meetings with an added online component (e.g. online reading, quizzes, etc).  This is sometimes also referred to as “face-to-face blended”.
  • Livestream – is a course which uses Zoom (or similar) to give the tutor live contact hours with the participants 
  • Livestream blended – is a course which uses Zoom (or similar) to give the tutor live contact hours with the participants as well as having an online learning component (e.g. online reading, quizzes, etc).  Participants will be required to have Zoom working on either a computer, or laptop, or tablet, or phone, etc..  This allows participants to take a course without the normal expense of travel, food, and lodging thus saving time, money, etc while still maintaining live, interactive sessions with a tutor via Zoom.   Contact us if you have questions.
  • Combined Classic & Livestream – has face-to-face and livestream contact hours 
  • Combined Classic & Livestream Blended – has face-to-face and livestream contact hours as well as an online learning component (e.g. online reading, quizzes, etc).

You may be wondering why all the bother with livestream and blended courses – what’s wrong with just face-to-face courses.  But with all the uncertainty surrounding covid19 and the limits on face-to-face contact the livestream courses have become necessary.  These courses also have the benefit that they can save the expense of travel and lodging incurred in the face-to-face courses.  The livestream recording is then made available usually afterwards for participants to refer to.  Also, the online component material is referencable after the course as well which is a great advantage.

To book a training course please go to our training course listing page to find a course or if necessary first read about the training courses to see which one is most appropriate for your needs (Perinatal Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga, Baby Swimming, Well Woman Yoga).

Continuing Professional Development – it is the learning activities that professionals utilize in order to progress and develop in their area of professional interest. Usually CPD credits are given for attending a CPD course which can sometimes keep a qualification alive and active.  In this case Birthlight offers certain courses as CPD’s for such professionals (e.g. health professionals, yoga instructors, etc) so that they can fulfil certain requirements or simply for their own professional development.

The resources for completing coursework and for teaching Birthlight classes can be found under the “Training Courses” menu tab in the main navigation menu this website.  There you can find resources for helping you complete coursework and for helping you run your own business and classes (promotion, setup, etc.).  Access is only for those who have been given a login for that resource.