We’re often asked what it means to be a member of Birthlight and the benefits that it brings. Birthlight baby yoga teacher and membership co-ordinator Renata Konitz recently wrote what being a member of the ‘Birthlight community’ meant for her as a teacher in Brazil.

“Being a Birthlight member gives me the confidence that I took my training with the best tutors, the best methodology, I am part of a big community that its main goal is to make the world a better place. I hope you all feel the same way and I hope we can work together despite our distance. I hope we can make the difference in our little communities, bringing more happiness to the families that surround us. I hope we can make those spirals of joy bigger and bigger! ” – Renata Konitz

On application to Core Training Courses or Modules, you are required to enrol as a member of birthlight.  The cost of membership is £35/year and is renewable annually.  Reminders will be sent near the expiration time to remind you to renew your membership.

birthlight website, teachers directory & training resources

  • List yourself on the Birthlight Teachers Directory – If you have a Birthlight qualification and are a member of Birthlight then you may list yourself in the online Birthlight Directory of teacher (i.e. Find-a-Class).  The online directory, which is on this website, enables you to show photos, list your contact information, telll about what services you offer, and include contact information including your website, facebook, instagram, twitter, and youtube address (if applicable).  This will not only help your webpage’s Google Search rank but also enables those using the directory from outside birthlight to find you as a teacher in their area (all entries are entered on the map).  If you are a Birthlight member who has a Birthlight qualification and would like to list yourself on the directory then please contact us for simple instructions on how to do so.
  • Birthlight training resources – Birthlight’s training resources are designed to help and encourage you and your fellow course members to get the best possible experience following your course and support you through to your coursework and the first few months of your teaching. It contains resources to help you complete your coursework such as reading lists, model lesson plans, example essays, video clips and songs.
  • General Resources –  include access to our online course resources for the duration of the course.  Also, research articles, educational resources, birthlight images and video clips, tips on setting up your classes, tips on setting up your business among other helps are also available to members on our website.
  • Course groups –  BuddyPress groups on our website provides a place to share course discussions and to support each other whilst completing your coursework, as well as just keeping in touch (to access BuddyPress first login and then click on your profile icon/photo in the upper righthand corner of your web browser to access options – e.g. friends, groups, messages, notfications, etc)
  • e-newsletter – Discussion lines and relevant articles are brought together in a regular e-newsletter for the benefit of all members

birthlight network, courses, products & insurance

  • Birthlight network – Members benefit from the links and contacts that birthlight has established with national and international professional organisations all over the world. We are constantly expanding our links with guilds and professional associations relevant to all the areas of teaching of birthlight for the benefits of members. Accreditations.
  • Annual refresher events and international conferences activate scientific links within the scientific community. This allows members of birthlight to have direct contact with eminent researchers and inspiring speakers at our conferences and events.
  • Benefit partnership – Members are entitled and warmly encouraged to benefit from their partnership with Birthlight.  Birthlight partner badges are given to those who Birthlight considers to be a partner and this can be used in business literature and advertising. Brochures, folders T-shirts and some stationery can be obtained from birthlight at cost.
  • Preferential access to birthlight courses – Members will benefit from preferential access to other birthlight courses. They can attend birthlight events at a discounted fee.
  • Discounts – Members will be offered discounts off bulk purchases of publications, DVDs, CD-ROMs and other products produced or sponsored by birthlight. 10% discount on birthlight products.
  • Members’ discount prices for birthlight courses and CPD
  • Teaching insurance discounts for those teaching Birthlight classes are also a benefit of membership – specifically the member’s discount on insurance with BGi (more details on our Insurance Page)

special offers

Details of these discounts are available in our membership benefits page.