Course Terms & Conditions

There will be a link to terms and conditions at the bottom of each course product in our shop, but in general the terms and conditions are as follows:

Aqua Yoga, Birthlight Yoga for Maternity, Postnatal Yoga, Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Toddler Yoga, Aquatic Nurture for Newborns, Baby Swimming & Toddler Swimming:

Terma & Conditions – Courses

Perinatal Yoga Diploma, Well Woman Yoga Diploma, Well Woman Aqua Yoga Diploma and Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited courses:

Terms & Conditions – Perinatal & Well Woman Courses

Fertility Yoga, Yoga for Pelvic Health, Birth Preparation, Special Baby Yoga & Special Baby Swimming:

Terms & Conditions – Short Courses

CPD or Continuing Professional Development days (required by Birthlight every 2 years to maintain membership status) and Study Days:

Terms & Conditions – CPD and Study Days

Bespoke Courses

Certain bespoke courses or retreats will have their own specific terms and conditions depending on the circumstances of the course/retreat.

Birthlight Membership

On application to Core Training Courses or Modules, you are required to enrol as a member of birthlight if you are not already one for the cost of £35 annually (included in the cost of our core training courses/modules). Applicants to other courses (e.g. CPD’s) can enjoy the benefits of Membership at a rate of £35 for one year as well.  At the end of membership an email reminder will be sent that it is time to renew your membership (remember to check your spam folder!). All members are required to take at least one CPD course every 2 years in order to maintain membership status with Birthlight.

Benefits of Birthlight Membership


Birthlight training courses are accredited with a number of organisations.

Birthlight accreditations


We are committed to GDPR and your data will only be used for the purpose of the course and thereafter your qualification.

The processing of the personal data at “checkout” of our store is required to fulfill our contract to you to provide your course (e.g., your email is needed to send you the link to the video conferencing session for your course, your personal data is required to link your course training qualification with a real individual, etc) as well as to send you the first instance of our quarterly Birthlight Newsletter.

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