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Birthlight started with informal, small birth preparation classes taught by Francoise in Cambridge in the 1980’s. As an anthropologist at Cambridge University, Dr Françoise Freedman was asked to share parenting skills that

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Birthlight Baby Yoga: A Daily Antidote to Overparenting?

The first episode of the ‘Bringing up Britain’ programme (Radio 4 Episode 13 October2020 ) explored various facets of the relentless micro-management and monitoring that are now part and parcel of being a parent.

Birthlight Pioneers: Getting to Know Liz Doherty

Liz Doherty

Birthlight Pioneer

As co-grandmothers, Liz and I started our conversation talking about our grandchildren. Liz has three, from

BLENDED TRAINING, ZOOMING & The Future of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

With the world’s health jeopardised by the twin threats of Covid-19 and the climate crisis, the range of how we deliver our teaching and training has to be expanded if we are to reach families