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Our Story

Birthlight started with informal, small birth preparation classes taught by Francoise in Cambridge in the 1980’s. As an anthropologist at Cambridge University, Dr Françoise Freedman was asked to share parenting skills that

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Special Babies and Baby Yoga

Fear no more; integrate special babies into your Baby Yoga class with confidence

Jay Ehrlich, “Yoga with special babies” tutor

Fear … we all feel this from time to time -that is human

Jiggles and Cuddles

Jiggles & cuddles help babies grow

Cuddles, not just touch

Baby Yoga is an ideal practice for creating the balance between stimulation and calm that

Stella Acquarone on “Babies the Passionate Communicators”

Spot interview with Dr Stella Acquarone, founder of the Parent-Infant Centre www.infantmentalhealth.com.

Stella Acquarone’s pioneering work with parents and infants is relevant to all that we do in Birthlight, but most particularly to