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Birthlight started with informal, small birth preparation classes taught by Francoise in Cambridge in the 1980’s. As an anthropologist at Cambridge University, Dr Françoise Freedman was asked to share parenting skills that

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Mum’s Mental Health is Everybody’s Mental Health

Together with 899 other people, I registered to hear the findings of the Report on the ‘Maternal Pandemic’ in an event jointly organised by the Centre for Mental Health and the Maternal Mental Health

A Holistic Retreat by Yoga Therapy Network

Network Yoga Therapy, founded by Anneke Sips who is a Birthlight teacher in the Netherlands trained in Perinatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Well Woman Yoga.

Yoga Therapy Network run by Anneke Sips recently hosted

The Art of Teaching with Dolls

The art of teaching with dolls

As Birthlight teachers, you probably recall falling in love with your doll as you named it and