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Birthlight, now worldwide, started with informal, small birth preparation classes taught by Francoise Freedman in Cambridge in the 1980’s. As an anthropologist at Cambridge University, Dr Françoise Freedman was asked to share parenting

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Le baby yoga de Birthlight arrive en France!

Le baby yoga de Birthlight arrive en France!

C’est avec un grand plaisir que nous annonçons l’arrivée de la formation Birthlight en Baby Yoga à Paris en juin 2023

Le baby yoga, c’est quoi?


A Little Bit of Baby Yoga History

25 years ago Françoise’s Baby Yoga classes were in full swing and in December that year The Daily Telegraph published an article introducing the public to the benefits and fun of this new type of

Birthlight and Aqua Education Collaboration

Birthlight would like to announce it’s collaboration with Aqua Education Academy.

Each member of the collaboration will bring together their experiences as qualified Therapists and Practicioners in the Early Years world to help transform the


Birthlight has teachers in over 73 countries around the world.