The courses which make up Well Woman Yoga discipline are: Well Woman Yoga Diploma, Fertility Yoga, Yoga for Menopause, Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, Yoga for the Prevention & Repair of Diastasis Recti, Yoga for the Prevention and Repair of Pelvic Girdle Pain, Yoga to Support Breast Cancer Recovery, and Well Woman Yoga Day Workshops (selected topics).


In continuity with Perinatal Yoga, Birthlight Well Woman Yoga helps women to address common conditions pre & post childbirth and to actively enhance their vitality. Teachers are trained to empower women with therapeutic yoga integrated in their daily lives at all stages of the reproductive cycle and beyond. Wellness, living with ease and joy, and healing are magical but not mysterious: a path of practice, in an inclusive circle of friends, opens the way.
Well Woman teachers offer classes in general group or 1:1 sessions or with a particular specialism that they focus on with their choice of their completing 4th module. Students may start with the 3 foundation & core modules or they may begin with one of the elective modules as a standalone course and then decide to take the full training. Ideally the Diploma is completed over a period of 2 years.

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Birthlight Well Woman Yoga training areas at a glance:

Course titleTeacher trainingShort courseCPD
Birthlight Well Woman Yoga Diploma 3 Obligatory Modules + 1  Elective Module of the 3 options✔︎
Yoga for Women’s Wellbeing and Health (Foundation Module, Obligatory)✔︎✔︎
Yoga for Pelvic Health (Module 2, Obligatory)✔︎✔︎
Yoga for enhancing and regulating the menstrual cycle (Module 3, Obligatory)✔︎✔︎
3 Elective Module Options
Fertility Yoga✔︎✔︎
Yoga for the menopause✔︎✔︎
Healing from Pregnancy and Birth for long-term wellbeing✔︎✔︎
Birthlight Well Woman Yoga CPDs
Birthlight yoga for the pelvic floor✔︎
Yoga for the Prevention and Repair of Diastasis Recti✔︎
Yoga for the Prevention and Repair of Pelvic Girdle Pain✔︎
Yoga to support Breast Cancer Recovery✔︎
Well Woman Yoga day workshops (selected topics)✔︎

The use of micro-movements of Yoga taught with detailed reference to anatomy and physiology is a hallmark of all Birthlight Well Woman Yoga courses.


While teaching her first yoga for pregnancy and childbirth classes in Cambridge in the 1980s, Françoise Freedman felt motivated to open a special class for women who needed therapeutic applications of yoga postnatally. Soon the group included mothers and older friends seeking to improve their pelvic health with yoga. Françoise coined the label ‘Well Woman Yoga’ to name her module on Yoga for Women’s Health designed for students of the Biomedical Trust Yoga Therapy Diploma in London in the late 1990s. Practices have been considerably refined and expanded in the light of new findings and through collaborations within and outside Birthlight.

General Format

Teacher training course are now available in the following formats:

  • Face-to-face – meetings occur face-to-face
  • Livestream – using Zoom video with a live tutor (and sometimes with the addition of an online learning component).
  • Blended – a combination of both of the above or a combination of one of the above with our online learning component (i.e. online readings, videos, photos, quizzes)

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This unique Yoga training course introduces therapeutic yoga for women sequentially from teens to post-menopause years. Well Woman Yoga offers anatomy-based adaptations and modifications to meet the needs of each individual woman with empathy, understanding and love through their life transformations. The course has a comprehensive, holistic and positive perspective on women’s wellbeing.


The 3 obligatory modules equip course participants with principles and hands-on techniques that will help them support wellness patterns in women, irrespective of age, health status, degree of fitness or life trajectory. Wellness starts with strong and flexible muscles in healthy spinal alignment: this is the foundation of our teaching in relation to the nervous system and the endocrine glands. Yoga practices promoting hormonal balance and the regulation of the menstrual cycle before and after childbirth are presented and explained in the light of current advances in yoga anatomy and principles of yoga therapy, combining Ayurveda and bio-medical approaches. The course includes the participation of an Ayurvedic experienced practitioner and teacher. A wide range of yoga practices are offered to support women during their pre, peri and post menopause years, with variations to make them accessible to all women and applicable in daily life.  The course includes yoga practices to assist  post-operative recovery, particularly after hysterectomy and women’s cancers.

The fourth elective module (selected from 3 options) addresses women’s re-creation of their bodies and identities through  transformations during their reproductive and life cycle. The three options are:

  • Fertility Yoga to support women physically and emotionally through their fertility journeys, whichever form these take including medically assisted conception. 
  • Healing from Pregnancy and Birth for long-term wellbeing – Yoga for long term postnatal issues, both physical and psychological. Aspects covered range from pelvic floor rehabilitation, recovery from unresolved birth-related issues such as Diastasis Recti or prolapses to healing of pregnancy losses, birth trauma and sequels of postnatal depression. This has a different focus to our Postnatal Yoga training course but has some overlaps too.
  • Yoga for the Menopause offers resources to support women from their pre-menopause year to their perimenopause years and to assist their transition to post menopause with yoga.  Birthlight Well Woman Yoga supports biomedical treatments for menopause, alternative drug-free and any pragmatic combinations of the two while empowering women’s choices.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of body structure and movement together with breathing patterns
  • A strong focus on core strength, understood both anatomically and energetically
  • The course refers to Ayurveda, in parallel with neuroanatomy and neuroendocrinology (with particular attention to the Vagal system and hormonal balance). 
  • Use of visual materials, research articles, experiential anatomy to impart anatomy and physiology knowledge.
  • Micro-movements of the pelvis and isometric toning with the breath underpin the yoga therapy in this course. 
  • A fluid and dynamic style of yoga; flow practices accessible to all women without compromising on a safe range of motion, stability and balance. 
  • Circle, small group and pair practices promoting a sense of connection while allowing each woman to develop her own transformative yoga practice. 
  • Tested sequences with therapeutic benefits that can be integrated in programmes for groups or individuals
  • Elements of practice that yoga teachers can integrate in therapeutic programmes to individualise the practices according to women’s ages, energy levels and health status.
  • Resources for creating a welcoming and caring environment for teaching Well Woman Yoga in studios or in clinical settings.


  • Yoga therapists
  • Yoga teachers who hold a prenatal/ postnatal teaching qualification
  • Yoga teachers who are working in the areas of women’s health 
  • Health professionals, complementary therapists or other practitioners with a strong established personal yoga practice but no yoga teaching qualification can apply individually 


Birthlight Well Woman Diploma

3 core obligatory modules 6 days face to face or partly online, partly face to face
1 elective module,  3 options2 days face-to-face OR 4 half days online.

This course is delivered online through e-Learning and face-to-face. Participants receive access to our interactive learning portal. You will get our exclusive course materials developed through years of teaching experience of the Birthlight tutor team.  

Study materials include:

  • an online printable comprehensive manual
  • explainer videos and presentations of anatomy and physiology
  • recordings of any live zoom sessions 

Discussion groups, quizzes and practical assignments are part of our live delivery of courses by experienced tutors. Individualised support and assessment of recorded teaching videos uphold Birthlight training quality standards

ASSESSMENT. You will be assessed throughout the course with quizzes and informal teaching practicals. To gain your certification you will need to submit a set of case-studies (documenting 4 successive sessions, group or one to one for the main part of the course and for your optional module). If your course has been online  we also ask for a recorded video (10 minutes) of your teaching as specified by the course tutor.


On successful completion of the 4 modules, students gain the Birthlight Well Woman Yoga Diploma qualification that entitles them to offer Well Woman Yoga classes or one-to-one sessions to members of the public.

A Postgraduate Well Woman Yoga Teaching Qualification has been accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals for those wishing to add a second optional module (out of the 3 listed optional modules) and one of 2 CPDs, making up 9 contact training days (85 hours including coursework) in modular units:

Well Woman Yoga 3 obligatory modules

  • +2 optional modules (out of Fertility Yoga, Yoga for healing long-term pregnancy and birth related issues or Yoga for Menopause
  • +1 CPD


Well Woman Yoga CPD days currently available:

Birthlight Yoga for the prevention and repair of Diastasis Recti (1 day CPD)

Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery (1 day CPD)

The accredited Well Woman Yoga Diploma (Yoga Alliance Professionals) requires the successful completion of one additional two-day module and one 1-day CPD (as listed above).

Birthlight offers a parallel training for Well Woman Aqua Yoga for those interested in working with women’s health in water. There is an overlap in the theory part of both courses.


‘The Birthlight Well Woman Yoga Training is an excellent holistic approach to understanding Women’s Health and all stages of a woman’s life. The course theory is a great foundation in understanding the more common experiences of a woman from fertility through to post menopause and the practices shared are easy to follow and very therapeutic and nourishing. The instruction is excellent and very inspiring.On a personal level, the training helps me to better understand my own experiences and gives me the confidence to share the practices with women of all ages in a general class, workshop or more therapeutic setting’.

Ami Patel, London, January 2020

‘The Birthlight courses come from a source of deep knowledge and authenticity. To graduate as a Wellwoman teacher under the tutelage of Francoise Freedman gives me the confidence to know that I can really help my students. Such a supportive and welcoming environment makes it a joy to study under Francoise.’

Belinda Edwards, London, January 2020

‘I think this is a great add on to anyone who is interested in working with women and yoga. It’s a great follow on from pregnancy/postnatal yoga and is also really useful for my own personal practice’.

Cathy Welch, London, July 2019