Here is some feedback from participants on our new livestream courses which are done via Zoom with a live tutor and who testify how online courses have worked well for them:

Aquanatal Yoga

“I recently took part in the Aquanatal Yoga Blended course since covid and it was brilliant. Learning via zoom was easy to follow and interactive too. There was time for discussions and I didn’t feel rushed. Then the pool session felt very safe, we all wore visors and kept distant. We got to experience some lovely adapted group practices as well as time to experiment with different movements in the water. Would definitely recommend this way of learning, it’s super easy to follow, accessing zoom and the recorded sessions are easy too. Thank you Francoise for such a memorable training course.

— Victoria Howse (on Francoise Freedman’s Aquanatal Yoga course, September 2020)

“I have learned so much by attending this course and can´t wait to start teaching. I highly recommend this it!”

— Jenný Maggý Rúriksdóttir (on Francoise Freedman’s Aquanatal Yoga course, October 2021)

“Felt I learned as much online as i would have in a [face-to-face] classroom – Francois still presented the course well … A wonderfully put together course, presented well and easy to understand and with the online portal to refer back to it filled my expectations and I cannot wait to teach”

— Sarah Mccallum (on Francoise Freedmans’s Aquanatal Yoga course, October 2021)

Baby Swimming

I have just completed my baby swim course with Gill , and it was fantastic ! I could not recommend her enough , her passion and knowledge is amazing . Gill has a wonderful presence and makes you feel at ease both in the classroom and in the water . I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days ! Thank you .

— Jamie Mouncey (on Gill Bann’s Baby Swimming course, July 2022, Northern Ireland)

Went Into the birthlight course thinking I was teaching baby swim, after the course I found it to be much more than baby swim, it’s about fun for both parent and baby, relaxing and a bonding for parent and child. In a fast past pace technology lead life it 30 mins of being in the water and enjoying time with your child and as a teacher aiding that fun bonding experience. Which hopefully we can pass on.

— Laura, (on Gill Bann’s Baby Swimming course, July 2022, NI)

This course was amazing. It exceeded my expectations & I was excited about becoming a swim teacher from day one. The education & hands on practical work we received in just 3 days was amazing. Gill ensured we learned loads but in a fun and interactive way. She delivered the course in a very nurturing way which made it all very easy. Loved it all. Thanks Gill

— Sinead Lynch (on Gill Bann’s Baby Swimming course, July 2022, Northern Ireland)

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga (BINBY)

I also wanted to thank you for all of your time, energy, teaching and support, before, during and after the course. It really is invaluable and very much appreciated to have you and the group there for support – and to spur me on with finalising my coursework and getting it submitted. I also know how much work you and Birthlight must have done over the last year in order to make the course possible and accessible online and just to say I think you’ve done a brilliant job. It’s really useful to have resources to refer back to and to watch back the recordings of the training sessions we had with you, so there are definite benefits to having the course in an online format.

— Charlotte Musgrove, (Marion O’Connor’s “Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga” (BINBY), January 2021)

I truly had a BINBY experience within this training [via Zoom]! Although I missed the opportunity to meet with my tutor and fellow teachers in person, I got the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of people from across Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience learning with Marion! She is a wonderful asset to the Birthlight community and I am thankful that our paths crossed! B- Brilliant I- Interesting N- Nurturing B- Blissful Y- Yogic

— Anonymous ((Marion O’Connor’s “Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga”, August 2020)

I would just like to say how important the classes we do for our coursework are. It’s then that it all starts to make sense. I learnt so much from you and then it all came together when I taught the classes to real mummies & babies. It puts you on the right Rd to making beautiful classes. Also the feedback you get is really useful and helpful. It helps build confidence. Having all the plans typed out gives you a good start for building your own classes. You already have the classes planned out. You’ll learn how to overcome real problems which you will come across in your classes. It was the right amount of coursework for us to make our classes successful. I loved the course & all the hard-work to becoming qualified. The work and effort that you put in makes a greater teacher.

— Claire, (Marion O’Connor’s “Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga”, 2021)

breakout rooms worked really well giving you a chance to connect with other students

— Anonymous (Marion O’Connor’s “Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga”, February 2021)

I really loved the online content, and thought the quizzes were fantastic as well! The videos were great and dispersed throughout the other content well, and the readings were really interesting … I felt that Marion was just so willing to provide support and guidance prior to the classes, willing to answer questions throughout very promptly. The information I received was clear and the course was really well organised and set out, with the quizzes and topic reading and videos really helping to boost my learning. I felt Zoom worked brilliantly, and I have really enjoyed the way that the course was structured so that we could pick up little bits of information, ideas for how to present things and different songs etc throughout. I didn’t need technical support, but I knew it was right there if I needed it.

— Aimee Sing (Marion O’Connor’s “Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga”, January 2021)

Baby Yoga

When we had the first class i love it immediately, the way they use Zoom is amazing, i feel like it was a face to face

— Maria (Bryony Vickers’ Baby Yoga 1&2 course, September 2020)

I was a little bit hesitant at first, since I thought I’d miss getting to know the other students. Although the course takes place online, Bryony manages to make us feel as if there is no screen between us. Since we get divided into small groups a couple of times during the course, we can get to know the other students and connect with each other as well.

— Dorthe (Bryony Vickers’ Baby Yoga 1&2 course, September 2020)

“I have to say I was a little worried signing up for the online course. I think face to face training is so valuable. I assumed there would not be a lot of interaction with other students and practical hands on learning (like my previous baby massage training for example) so I was worried that I would finish the course not feeling fully prepared to teach. However, only half-ish way through right now and I feel I will be more than fully prepared and confident to teach at the end. I found the whole course so clear, easy to understand, professional and well delivered from start to now. It’s all gone very smoothly so far! Overall I find it to be on a par with a face to face training course. Lots of interaction in the breakout rooms which I wasn’t expecting. Also ample time to ask questions. The online learning via the website has been quite easy to navigate, interesting and informative. Love it all so far! In fact, for me, this has been so easy to work into my life that I’d choose an online option again over a face to face.”

— Liz (Bryony Vickers’ Baby Yoga 1&2 course, September 2020)

Loved the 4 sessions Over two weeks. Much easier to retain and absorb the information. Enjoyed the online training more than I thought I would. It was easy to use and lovely to meet people from around the world. I was nervous as my computer skills are limited and haven’t had the courage to do any online sessions myself. However this was delivered with complete confidence and professionalism putting any concerns I had away. It would have been nice to meet up in person but I feel I definitely didn’t miss out on any learning, maybe a little networking but that’s all.

Kathrine Fridd (Bryony Vickers’ Baby Yoga 2 course, July 2020)

Well Woman Yoga for Fertility

Birhtlight fertility yoga is unique because it does not merely use adapted sequences. Instead everything is sensitively created in order to really work with the needs of women and the challenges they face.The whole woman is addressed – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual- in a loving way.

— Participant (Francoise Freedman’s “Well Woman Yoga for Fertility”, December 2020)

Toddler Yoga

“Birthlight run really useful baby yoga courses, both online and in person. There are a lot of advantages to in person courses such as meeting new people and getting to practice with real babies/toddlers in the room. However, online has its advantages also such as no travelling to a venue or overnight stays in hotels. Either way, the teaching is interesting and very informative. I am ready to start teaching toddler yoga as soon as I have my certificate!”

— Jacqueline Harthill, (Emma’s Toddler Yoga course, July 2020)

“one of the best courses for the level of content…the benefits of lower cost, staying at home, spread over 4 days…felt like more content was delivered”

“so many practical ideas for classes – inspiring”

“great to have a course so full of practical ideas, songs and activities…I learnt so much”

“beautifully delivered course with such clarity”

— Various Participants (Emma’s Toddler Yoga course, July 2020)

Postnatal Yoga

‘Just wanted to share with you all. Yesterday during my community rounds I met two first time mums both quite traumatised about how their births unfolded not as they had imagined. I explained the closing ritual but not with those words more just by explanation of what I’d do physically and the philosophy behind the practice.Both mums had just come home from hospital the evening before and were still in their bedrooms so the surroundings didn’t need to be changed.
I offered the touch therapy as I called it and explained that it is used in other cultures as a way to seal oneself after the body’s opening that happens during birth. The mums’response was “I’d take anything that helps” and that’s what they both replied. So I did what you taught us Belinda, baby held by dad and mum lying flat with a thin pillow under her head. Amazing responses, neither wanted to get up after the practice so I encouraged them to not move until they wanted or had to. Both described the feeling of being totally relaxed and very still. We all noticed that the babies went quiet too. The breaths lengthened and the bodies softened and emotionally they could say to themselves ok we’re moving on now to the next part of this journey. I’m going back on Friday to see them again. My manager has jiggled my work rota to facilitate that. AMAZING thank you Birthlight from me and the mums.’

Midwife, Belfast 2022

The course was so well delivered and balanced in terms of theory and practice. It has been enriching and empowering. A gift for life that can benefit all postnatal women and not only. I’d recommend it to anyone in the field of yoga yet for any woman who wishes to bring awareness and healing to herself in her journey after birth and throughout her life.

— Marta (on Belinda’s Postnatal Yoga course , April 2021, UK)

Like all the Birthlight courses, the postnatal course is informative, inspiring and helpful. Both on a personal level and in providing the knowledge and practical skills to help the women and babies (and men) you support/work with.

— Suzy Lovegrove (on Belinda’s Postnatal Yoga course, 2021, UK)

The online postnatal course with Belinda was amazing. It was nicely divided into half days so it wasn’t to intense to do it online. The training provides a lot of postnatal practices from early postnatal, just after birth to (more than a) year after birth. Even online Belinda organized to create a warm inviting space where everyone felt safe to share and practice together. I would highly recommend this course with to anyone!”

— Esther (on Belinda’s Postnatal Yoga course, 2021, UK)

Perinatal Yoga

I found this course to be very healing, confronting, informative, joyful and connective. It has given me a lot of knowledge and support to my own postpartum time and in future I can see it will enable me to help woman in this voulnerable stage of their life. Kirsteen is a lovely teacher who was very open to all our questions. She brought us together as a group and made us feel confident in our process.

— Claire (on Kirsteen’s Perinatal Yoga course, Utrecht, May 2022)

“it is fantastic to be giving the opportunity to avail of this training in Ireland, i have looked for many years to do this training & previously anytime i looked the closest place to attend this training was the UK & with 2 young children at home this wasn’t an option … The balance between both [theory and practice] was excellent, Belinda had an excellent way of delivering the theory end of things, she explains it all so well, she gives plenty of opportunities to ask questions & to give feedback. We had plenty of time to practice what was being taught & Belinda in her lovely way ensured we were doing it right & corrected anything she saw”

— Denice Nixon (on Belinda’s Perinatal Yoga course, April 2022, Belfast)

I would absolutely recommend the birthlight perinatal training to my midwifery colleagues because the training highlights the importance of a sensitive and gentle approach to movement of the body during pregnancy. Birthlight yoga is fun and accessible to all pregnant women, no one needs to be excluded. The training is of a very high standard that promotes physical wellness and helps deepen the connection between mother and baby … The online resources that I’ve watched have been very helpful and the course manual is an excellent tool to support learning.”

— Christine McFarlane (on Belinda’s Perinatal Yoga course, April 2022, Belfast)

I am so thankful for this course and i think i gained so much about myself out of it!!i came my dream a Little Bit closer and i am Looking forward to teach and help my students with this new Knowledge about pregnancy and birth !! Gisela is an amazing trachte and i am looking forward to the next course with her!! … The online content was well Organized and it was Easy to find the specific Topics and themes!! The Videos where really helpful especially between the 1 and 2nd Part☺️A good way to Recall some Importanz teaching points.”

— Steph (on Gisela’s Perinatal Yoga course, June 2022, Switzerland)