How an Integrated Approach can Help Pregnancies

Spot interview with Avni Trivedi Avni TrivediOsteopath & Zero BalancerConscious wellness in a Modern World@avnitouchwww.avni-touch.com07961 123 719 What motivated you to choose applications of osteopathy to the reproductive process, qualifying as a paediatric osteopath?I’ve always been interested in health in a preventative and holistic sense. When you’re treating a baby […]

Hormonal Harmony by Susanne Haegele

New Book “Hormonal Harmony” by Susanne Haegele “Hormonal Harmony – A Natural Guide to Women’s Wellbeing” by Susanne Haegele, Birthlight Wellwoman graduate. Puberty, fertility, maternity, menopause… these major phases of a woman’s life have something in common: the deep impact of hormonal changes. This book shows you how to be […]

Stella Acquarone on “Babies the Passionate Communicators”

Spot interview with Dr Stella Acquarone, founder of the Parent-Infant Centre Stella Acquarone’s pioneering work with parents and infants is relevant to all that we do in Birthlight, but most particularly to Baby Massage/Baby Yoga teachers and Infant Aquatics teachers. Some Birthlight members may remember her inspiring presentation about […]