Birthlight Baby Yoga Festival (London) 25+years of Baby Yoga G20 Cultural Event

G20 baby yoga free session Festival

Please signup for a free Birthlight Baby Yoga session at the Baby Yoga Festival for the G20 (registration form below). Birthlight has been the pioneer of Baby Yoga since the ’80s  with books, DVDs and training courses around the world, founded by Françoise Freedman, a medical anthropologist and yoga teacher. This […]

Baby Yoga – Really?

BABY YOGA? You must be joking, how on earth can babies do yoga? Surely this is unnatural and dangerous, one of these yoga fads that discredits yoga as a reputable ancient practice brought to the West by famous Gurus after years in their Himalayan caves. Babies are not on ascetics’ […]

Birthlight and Aqua Education Collaboration

aquatic nurture for newborns

Birthlight would like to announce it’s collaboration with Aqua Education Academy. Each member of the collaboration will bring together their experiences as qualified Therapists and Practicioners in the Early Years world to help transform the understanding and importance of the early water experiences for babies and their families. If you […]

Heading to the Pool with your baby? All about gentle submersions

Birthlight Swimming classes aim to provide the optimum environment for not only learning to take place but to create deep emotional and loving connections between the parent and child.  Water itself is a great conductor of emotions, it transmits both positive and negative intent and can set the tone of […]

Well Woman Yoga supports women through all kinds of life transitions

Cathy Welch shares how Well Woman Yoga supports women through all kinds of life transitions As an experienced childbirth educator it felt very natural to move into teaching first Pregnancy Yoga and then Postnatal Yoga – extending my relationship with the women on my courses and offering a gentle and […]

How Ayurveda Informs Yoga Practice

Liese van Dam

Spot interview with Liese van Dam Ayurveda Practitioner & Yoga teacher- Birthlight trained teacher for Perinatal, Postnatal, Baby Yoga and Well Woman YogaTeacher at Delight Academy of Ayurveda, Amsterdam Praktijk voor Yoga & So Liese, like many of us in the beginning, you had pregnant women show up in your […]