Brazelton Baby Communication Week: Unique Individuals

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#BabyCommunicationWeek23 #AmazedByBabies #brazeltonuk Friday – Brazelton Baby Communication Week: Baby Care as Unconditional Love Parenting from a yoga perspective: a school of unconditional love. There is always more to learn, understand and give. Rewards abound along the way. The nature/nurture, genes/environment debates have evolved with neuroscientific research and epigenetics yet remain inconclusive. […]


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#BabyCommunicationWeek23 #AmazedByBabies #brazeltonuk Thursday – Brazelton Baby Communication week: Nurturing Sociable Dependers with playful interaction Within weeks of being born, babies reveal their uncanny sense of humour. Long before they produce irresistible chuckles of delight, they show caregivers that they understand games in playful exchanges. After initial puzzled looks, they differentiate between a face that […]

Brazelton Baby Communication Week: Impressive Adaptors

Birthlight parent-baby connection - Aquatic Nurture

This blog is a part of our weeklong, daily blog during Brazelton Baby Communication Week 2023 #BabyCommunicationWeek23 #AmazedByBabies #brazeltonuk Within seconds of being born or raised out of the water if they were born in water, babies take their first breath. This adaptation to the drastic change in their environment is dramatic […]