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So much has changed in our lives and around us, so fast, since the beginning of the UK lockdown. I
Birthlight training has a very personal origin. It all started with a small group in Cambridge. In the 1980s, as
Motor skills that help human adults enjoy sport and fitness begin in infancy. In the first two years of life,
Once upon a time, not so long ago, yoga for pregnancy was considered to be dangerous. Birth preparation programs that
Tummy Time helps me develop strong lower back muscles and good head control after birth, but I need you to
From the beginning, all Birthlight activities have been in circles, both on land and in water. Circles integrate teacher and

The Gerry Step

Baby Communication Week Day 714 – 21st June Soon after the birth of my first granddaughter Rosie, it became clear that Grandpa Gerry had a uniquely effective way of soothing her. Cradling her in his arms, he bounced left and right in small rhythmical steps, then forwards and back with occasional half-turns. He did not…

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