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Relaxing jointly with your baby triples benefits. You relax, (s)he relaxes,the two of you relax together. Relaxation is an essential
The first episode of the ‘Bringing up Britain’ programme (Radio 4 Episode 13 October2020 ) explored various facets of the
Liz Doherty Birthlight Pioneer As co-grandmothers, Liz and I started our conversation talking about our grandchildren. Liz has three, from
With the world’s health jeopardised by the twin threats of Covid-19 and the climate crisis, the range of how we
Kicki Hansard, author, educator, mother and founder of BirthBliss Academy (www.birthblissacademy.com) grew up in Swedish Lapland - the land of
Founder and Director of Birthlight. She is a pioneer, Senior Yoga Teacher, acclaimed writer and lecturer of Social Anthropology at
World Breastfeeding Week is definitely worth universally celebrating -and promoting! - as a key factor for human health and wellbeing
Dianne Garland is an international speaker having travelled and taught in all corners of the world, including India, China, America,
Nurture: nourishing with care and love for growth and abundance. I was fortunate to share the lives of Amazonian indigenous
Introducing new babies to water: the risks of chlorinated swimming pools and the benefits of home tubs In the UK,

Becky Minihan Tells What’s Unique about Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga

What’s different about Aquanatal Yoga with Birthlight? There is now a great deal of research about the benefits of yoga during pregnancy: as a practice which targets body and mind together with a focus on the breath, it is not surprising that yoga has gone centre-stage with relaxation and anxiety reduction. Add water and its…

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The Birthlight Well Woman Course changed me, and changed how I teach

The Birthlight school first changed my perspective on teaching yoga to women in 2014-15, when I studied pre- and postnatal yoga with Kirsteen Ruffell. I had been teaching traditional hatha yoga and yoga nidra for seven years, and found the ‘Birthlight way’ to be a game changer – the micro-movements, the intertwining of rest and…

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The Gerry Step

Baby Communication Week Day 714 – 21st June Soon after the birth of my first granddaughter Rosie, it became clear that Grandpa Gerry had a uniquely effective way of soothing her. Cradling her in his arms, he bounced left and right in small rhythmical steps, then forwards and back with occasional half-turns. He did not…

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