Liz Doherty Birthlight Pioneer As co-grandmothers, Liz and I started our conversation talking about our grandchildren. Liz has three, from baby to pre-school age. She Read more
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With the world’s health jeopardised by the twin threats of Covid-19 and the climate crisis, the range of how we deliver our teaching and training Read more
Kicki Hansard, author, educator, mother and founder of BirthBliss Academy ( grew up in Swedish Lapland - the land of the Northern Lights and the Read more
Founder and Director of Birthlight. She is a pioneer, Senior Yoga Teacher, acclaimed writer and lecturer of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. Françoise interlaces Read more
World Breastfeeding Week is definitely worth universally celebrating -and promoting! - as a key factor for human health and wellbeing The 2020 theme, ‘Breastfeeding for Read more
Dianne Garland is an international speaker having travelled and taught in all corners of the world, including India, China, America, Europe and the UK. In Read more
Nurture: nourishing with care and love for growth and abundance. I was fortunate to share the lives of Amazonian indigenous people who showed me nurture Read more
So much has changed in our lives and around us, so fast, since the beginning of the UK lockdown. I hope that you are finding Read more
Tummy Time helps me develop strong lower back muscles and good head control after birth, but I need you to be involved. Please join me Read more
From the beginning, all Birthlight activities have been in circles, both on land and in water. Circles integrate teacher and students as equals. Teachers are Read more