What is the aim of CPD?
  1. Enable Birthlight teachers to develop and enhance their skills, both in practice and theory.
  2. Enable Birthlight teachers to keep up to date with  Birthlight policies and practices.
  3. Benefit and protect the public by providing better skilled and up-to-date teachers.
  4. Facilitate the Birthlight network by connecting and sharing with other teaching colleagues.

Birthlight teachers need to attain a minimum of 6 hours of training per two-year period and per teaching area.

Birthlight courses – course, refresher/workshop/seminar

Attendance at one-day course = 6 – 8 hours
half day = 3 – 4 hours
two-day course = 12 – 14 hours.

Birthlight Womb-to-World conferences count as CPD for all teaching areas.

Relevant courses/seminars and conferences for Birthlight CPD

These are courses/seminars and conferences that provide certified additional knowledge gained and/or advancement of practical skills specific to the practitioner’s area of teaching, or additional learning in other associated areas, which could be seen to enhance the practitioner’s ability and knowledge.


Birthlight teachers must comply with this CPD policy in order to be listed on the Members’ Directory which lists qualified Birthlight teachers.  Failure to do so may result in a decision to drop the teachers’ names from the directory and cease to endorse their qualifications for purposes of public liability.

NB: Birthlight reserves the right to amend CPD requirements.  The Policy will be reviewed every three years.

February 2019