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Paxman Road, King's Lynn PE30 4NE, UK
Louise A Whitehead – Owner of Babies at Ease – International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) Baby Massage Instructor, Birthlight Baby & Toddler Yoga Instructor.
I have worked within early years sector for over 20 years, in primary schools, playgroups, nurseries, a children centre and currently working part time as a Family Support Worker in the new Early Childhood and Family Service (Kings Lynn & West Norfolk).
I ‘m married with two children an 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son, so they keep me busy when I’m not working.
My highest qualification I hold is a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies, I’m DBS checked and hold an up to date Paediatric First Aid Certificate.
When my children were born I really wanted to attend some baby yoga sessions. I could not find any in West Norfolk. So, when I had the opportunity to gain some training I jumped at the chance! I travelled to London and completed a 3-6 mth baby yoga course for 2 days and then went back a few months later to complete a 6-12mth baby yoga and toddler to preschool yoga for 4 days. I have been International Association of Infant Massage trained for 5 years and have loved every session since then.
So 3 years ago I started Babies at Ease.
Below is a short explanation of Baby massage and Baby yoga.
Baby massage – The IAIM baby massage course draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology. The sessions teacher care givers a sequence of rhythmic stokes and soothing holds which have been developed and refined over many years. The four main area of benefit are Interaction and bonding, relaxation, relief, stimulation. Massaging your baby provides a wonderful opportunity for expression your love, whilst meeting the high need for touch and affection that is do essential for the healthy development of all babies.
Baby yoga – Birthlight baby yoga sessions are inspired from the approach of the Peruvian Amazon native people and some traditional techniques used with infants in India. The years of experience of the founder of Birthlight Fancoise Freedman and research underline the integrated set of exercises presented in these courses. Babies have an open hearts and minds and are ready to embrace new experiences. They are eager for communication and interaction. Their bodies are flexible and unfolding. Yoga provides the stimulation of touch, movement and rhythm as well as the stillness of deep relaxation. The loving handling of babies during yoga sessions and the shared enjoyment of the experience for both carer and baby promotes early bonding and creates a secure and happy foundation of well-being. Baby Yoga opens our heart to allow energy to flow and communication to develop between carer and baby.
Toddler Yoga – Birthlight toddler sessions are about stretching, moving and relaxation together and have been developed from the firm foundations in baby yoga. Toddler yoga offers a whole new experience of fun for the young child and the moves and sequences offers support in every area of their development, physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Children learn through their senses, enjoyable and meaningful activities are remembered and help establish patterns of learning and an understanding of the world around them. In toddler Yoga we being to use stories and imaginative games, often inspired by the children themselves. The sessions offer a wonderful opportunity for family bonding, making new friends and support every area of development. Toddler yoga is a combination of baby yoga approach for toddlers and pre school children. Using songs and rhymes alongside movement and stretching, the sessions are designed to support the transition from babyhood to independent movement. Children and their carer are brought together in an holistic, yoga based experience.
Please come and join me !!!
Love Louise x
Myrthe Moors

Postnatal Yoga Teacher based in Venlo, The Netherlands

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Sharing Yoga with Lisa Weller.  Offering:

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga

Birthlight Postnatal Yoga

Birthlight Well Woman Yoga

Yoga for Women

Special classes for the Baby Loss Community:

Postnatal Yoga Following Loss, and Rainbow Pregnancy Yoga

Orfeos 21, Ilioupoli, Greece

Είμαιι μαία, εκπαιδευτικός, διεθνώς πιστοποιημένη Σύμβουλος Γαλουχίας IBCLC και πιστοποιημένη Birthlight™ Yoga  for Maternity teacher.

Έχοντας ολοκληρώσει κύκλους σπουδών στη μαιευτική και στον ανώδυνο τοκετό και εργαζόμενη ως εκπαιδευτικός, στα χρόνια που ακολούθησαν έγινα μητέρα πέντε παιδιών. Οι εμπειρίες που βίωσα η ίδια με τον θηλασμό των 5 παιδιών μου, με ενέπνευσαν να διευρύνω περισσότερο τις γνώσεις μου και την εξειδίκευσή μου για να βοηθήσει και άλλες μαμάδες που ήθελαν να θηλάσουν τα μωρά τους. Έτσι, μετεκπαιδεύθηκα και ως Σύμβουλος Θηλασμού IBCLC και στην περιγεννητική γιόγκα Birthlight™  Yoga for Maternity. Και αργότερα, ένα ακόμη όνειρό μου πήρε μορφή, με τη συνδημιουργία του Κύκλου.

Θα με βρεις στον Κύκλο να παρέχω την υποστήριξή μου με σεμινάρια, ομιλίες και workshops ως Σύμβουλος Θηλασμού σε κάθε στάδιο της μητρότητας, από την εγκυμοσύνη, τον τοκετό, τον θηλασμό, τη σύνδεση της Γυναίκας με το σώμα της και το παιδί της και μέσω μαθημάτων prenatal-postnatal yoga.

Ταυτόχρονα, μπορείς να επικοινωνήσεις μαζί μου και να με επιλέξεις για σύντροφο υποστήριξης σε όλο το ταξίδι της μητρότητας, για μια πολύπλευρη υποστήριξη με ατομικές συνεδρίες, όπου κι αν ζεις.

Sandford, Winscombe BS25 5AF, UK

My name is Mel, I live in Sandford North Somerset with my 3 boys and partner having relocated here 9 months ago from Liverpool.

I am a qualified Antenatal Teacher, Breastfeeding Counsellor and Birthlight Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Teacher.

I offer Baby Massage and Baby Yoga sessions as well as antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding support.

Please contact me for further information.

All courses are currently running online due to Covid restrictions.

I look forward to hearing from you


Birth Baby You

Ijzerwegstraat 18, Ostend, Belgium

My name is Julie, I`m all about birth 🙂

I opened my own yogastudio in Ostend: studiomoonbirth where i teach prenatal yoga classes / mama/baby yoga / hypnobirthing and i’m also a doula and birth photographer, as i said all about birth. 🙂


My name is Mary Flynn. I am a Bristol-based mother, practising midwife, qualified yoga instructor and all round birth fanatic!

I work alongside women and birthing people to empower and support for a positive birth experience and a gentle start to parenthood.

My services include:

* Antenatal classes
* Hypnobirthing
* Dynamic birth workshop
* Pregnancy yoga
* Postnatal yoga

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Bury St Edmunds, Bury Saint Edmunds, UK

Fridays 10am:  Baby Yoga classes – 10 weeks to confident walker.

Fridays 11.15: Tots Yoga classes – confident walkers to preschooler.

5 week courses run during term time.

5 week Baby Massage and intro to yoga courses

Mindfulness with children

Support on ‘hot’ baby issues, such as sleeping, feeding, settling baby.

Gisela Collazo
Zürich, Switzerland

I have been teaching Birthlight Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga for 15 years in Zurich, Switzerland. My weekly group classes are both In-Person and Online Live. I teach at Pilates Zürich, Friedaustrasse 17, 8003 Zürich. I also offer Birth Preparation Workshops, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga courses. Please visit my website for more information about my services: http://www.yogadoula.ch

I have experienced and witnessed the transformative effects of the Birthlight practices on women and their families. As a Birthlight Perinatal and Postnatal Yoga Tutor, I am honored to pass on the Birthlight philosophy to yoga teachers and maternity professionals so that they may support families in their own communities.

I offer private instruction both In-Person and Online, and am happy to schedule something with you either at the studio or at your home. Please contact me directly to schedule your session: info@yogadoula.ch

My certification as a Birth and Postpartum Doula rounds out my offering so that I can provide constant, professional and empathetic support through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal year.



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Springfield Lane, Weybridge KT13 8AW, UK

My tried and tested live and interactive sessions whether online or in-person are great for creating a lasting bond, stimulating and supporting a baby’s physical, emotional and social development as well as helping to relieve colic, sleeping difficulties, constipation, teething and other ailments.

My baby massage & yoga courses are suitable for all parents and babies, I demonstrate on a doll and only parents massage their baby and you do not need to come from a yoga background.

Baby Massage & Yoga are a perfect pair, beautiful and loving ways to connect & soothe your baby and has fantastic health benefits.

As well as open group sessions, I also offer one to one session do get in touch if I can be of service to you.


Elm Gardens, London N2 0TF, UK

Pregnancy Yoga Virtual Class

Zoom from London or in person NW3 when allowed London, UK

Class Length: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cost to Attend: £15 for a trial session or £60 for 6 classes
Level: Beginner

This class is suited to pregnant women from 14 weeks to 40+ weeks. It is full of wonderful safe stretches suitable to help with the changing pregnant body. You will also learn breathing techniques that are invaluable for labour and all kinds of birth.





Utrecht, Netherlands

Zwangerschapsyoga bij Yoga U in Utrecht.

Zwanger zijn is een spannende tijd waar er zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk veel veranderd. Iedere vrouw en iedere zwangerschap is uniek. Met de zwangerschapsyoga lessen wil ik iedere vrouw uitnodigen om te genieten van het nieuwe leven wat in je groeit. Omdat jouw lichaam 9 maanden lang heel hard aan het werk is voor jouw baby zal je in de lessen veel ontspanningsoefeningen tegenkomen gecombineerd met veilige yogahoudingen voor tijdens de zwangerschap. Maar ook praktische informatie en ademhalingstechnieken die je kunt gebruiken tijdens de geboorte van je kindje en bekkenbodemoefeningen om elasticiteit te creëren. Daarnaast is er genoeg ruimte om de connectie te maken met andere zwangere vrouwen, om te lachen en vragen te stellen. Je kunt vanaf 14 weken zwangerschap op ieder moment instappen in de les. Ook mogelijk als privéles.

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