Happy Baby Class. Parent and Baby Nurturing Massage Class that is fun, relaxed, provides quality time for you both and includes a progression of massage techniques. We also include gentle exercises for parents and babies, relaxation techniques as well as rhymes and songs. Our final part of the session we provide an opportunity to have a drink and chat with other parents. A safe environment brining parents and babies together and. crating time and space for bonding.

Mountain Class. Parent and Baby Yoga class with elements of dry massage. This is a Yoga class for both parents and baby. A progression from the Happy Baby class with gentle stretches, movements and breathing exercises for parents, and we integrate simple yoga moves for babies and progress these and match the level and age to the baby’s needs. We use songs and rhymes and watch for babies cues. Opportunity for drinks and chat at the end part of session.

Tree Class, Parent and Baby Yoga class for Tots, walkers and up. Using song, stories, themes and movement to provide yoga for parent and child. A great tool for stretching little bodies, learning words, colours, songs and stories and relating words to movement. Built in time for relaxation practice.

Classes are in blocks but pay as you go sessions can be pre-booked.

Recommend a friend and you get a session free!

Streatham Wells, London, UK

I have been a yoga practitioner for more than 20 years and a teacher since 2012. I teach online and in person, group classes and 1-2-1 sessions.
I am certified in Yoga for fertility and Pregnancy yoga.
I also teach Yoga for posture improvement, Yoga for strength and Yoga for stress relief.

I practice Thai yoga massage, pregnancy massage and Thai foot massage.

Birthligh Kara.jpg

What a wonderful journey you are about to begin! Whether you’re about to become a parent or your journey has already begun, you have come to the right place!Our aim is to give you and your baby the opportunity to bond and thrive in a relaxing environment surrounded by support.

Join my Baby Massage or Baby Yoga classes, delivered in and around Rotherham and Barnsley.

Marion O'Connor
Prescot L34 5NQ, UK

Pregnancy Yoga classes, in a welcoming comfortable and safe space, offer a different theme every week, from ‘Posture and Back Care’ to ‘Breathe in the Land of the Undoing’. Birthlight core practices are reinforced each week, antenatal yoga breathing is a constant, and everyone’s favourite section, deep baby-bonding relaxation, is developed over the weeks to enable everyone to develop the skill of surrendering to their natural deep relaxed state.

The first 4 weeks is offered as a course, then subsequent sessions are on a drop-in basis.

Do not hesitate to call me for any further information 07867746233


I teach several weekly yoga classes on different locations in Zutphen via Geel Geluk. Check my schedule for my current agenda. I love to welcome you on the mat.

Mijn naam is Nadine, yogadocent (Yin, Restorative, Zwangerschap, Postnataal en Babyyoga), mama van 2 jongens (2017 & 2020), groot liefhebber van het ondersteunen van vrouwen tijdens de 4 trimesters van hun zwangerschap en eeuwige leerling van het leven. Samen met mijn mannen woon ik sinds 2019 in Zutphen. Daarvoor woonde en werkte ik in Utrecht.  Ik ben gecertifieerd Birthlight docent voor zwangerschap, postnataal en baby yoga en ik heb al honderden vrouwen mogen ondersteunen in deze bijzondere periode van hun leven. Mijn leerlingen beschrijven mij vaak als een docente met oog voor detail en verschillende individuele behoeften en waarderen mijn humor en zorgzaamheid. Ik verwelkom je graag op de mat tijdens een groepsles of in een prive sessie.

Arrondissement de Pau, France

Tam-Tamz is an academy offering music, dance and yoga activities for young children from birth to six years old.  Musical awakening, dance, Zumbini® and baby yoga are some of the classes available for you and your child to share together.  It is a unique moment of coming together with your child and bonding through music and movement.

Created in 2009 under the original name of Samba Babies, Tammy has continued to grow the musical classes and expand further to create more opportunities for parent/baby classes including baby yoga, baby massage and more recently Zumbini®.

« Moving around the world has enabled me to take influences from

several different cultures and to grow samba babies from a simple

music for babies class to a deeper and more enriching experience

between parent/carer and baby. » – Tammy

Horsforth, Leeds, UK

Since I launched Diddly Oms in 2018, I’m so proud that my mother and baby classes have been attended by so many parents in Leeds, bringing time together to bond and relax with your child. I also run toddler, pre-school and primary school classes and hope that you and your little ones can benefit from joining me too.

Kinloch Rannoch, Pitlochry, Scotland, UK

My OnLine Pregnancy Yoga classes offer specialist yoga for pregnancy combined with a wealth of skills and knowledge about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. During the class you will learn about posture and movement, how to encourage your baby into the best possible position prior to birth, as well as labour techniques and deep relaxation.

  • Yoga – mindful movement
  • Relaxation 
  • Breathing awareness & sound
  • Pelvic floor awareness
  • Information about pregnancy and birth
  • Preparation for labour & birth through yoga
  • Discussion & sharing

Open to anyone from within the UK and beyond, who has access to Zoom.

Nickleby Road, Chelmsford, UK

Keeping Aquanatal going for mums since 2009.

Classes that give you the chance to Come and meet new mums, exercise, relax, and enjoy the eater during and after your pregnancy.

Prenatal classes are specially designed for all stages of pregnancy, supporting you with physical and emotional needs whilst being pregnant in an environment that will make you feel part of a team and not alone.

Exercises can be altered to help support SPD, PGP and other aliments as you are an individual.

Classes allow you to bond with your unborn child and relax away the stresses from the outside world.

Postnatal is now renamed at Aqua4mum.

These classes are designed to help you restore your core, abs, back muscles, Pelvic floors, shoulders, and release the hormone Cortisol that is the primary stress builder, as we adapt to new world of family, friends and work life balance.

All exercises we do are to promote pelvic tone, re-alignment and stability of the spine and pelvis, a good class to attend is you have had a c-section, lower back problems in or before pregnancy.

Aqua4mums welcomes all who think this will do them good.





Specialising in gentle, early water experiences from pregnancy right through to pre-school.

Aberdeen, UK


Baby and Me runs baby classes across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Classes are completely baby led, so all crying, feeding, changing and sleeping are totally welcome. It’s more about me teaching you a skill that you can use at a time that works for both of you. 

There are four classes available to you:

💜Baby Massage (birth to 12 months) 

💛Introduction to Baby Yoga (8 weeks to 4 months)

🧡Baby Yoga (12 weeks to precrawling)

💚Mobile Baby Yoga (Crawling/rolling to 18months) 

Baby and Me classes are suitable from birth right the way through to 18 months, so it is never too early or late to start.  More information can be found on the Baby and Me social media pages or by emailing babyandmeiaim@gmail.com

If you have any questions or I can help you at all please PM the Baby and Me page or send me an email and I will get back to you when I can.

Emma xx


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/babyandmeiaim/

Instagram: @babyandmeiaim

Zürich, Switzerland

Hola! My name is Josefina Eliggi, I’m an Argentinian yoga teacher (RYT 200+) based in Zurich, and I specialise in yoga for before, after and beyond birth.

Yoga was a fundamental tool in healing my difficult birthing experience after becoming a mother for the first time in 2015. In subsequent years I completed a 200-hour teacher training course, and got certified as a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher.

I’m passionate about helping women embrace the changes that occur during pregnancy, navigate the first few months after childbirth, and rediscover themselves in their new role as mothers while continuing to pursue their goals and aspirations.


I am teaching Birthlight Prenatal and Postnatal Classes since more than 10 Years almost throughout the whole year –  in Person and 1:1 Online via Zoom

You can find me in two locations: Andelsbuch in the beautiful valley of the Bregenzerwald and in Dornbirn close to the border of Switzerland and Germany

pregnancy sitting on ball.jpg
Claremont Road, Seaford, East Sussex, UK

Pregnancy yoga in Seaford and surrounding areas in East Sussex is suitable for everyone from 14 weeks up to birth. Classes are friendly, informal and provide a wonderful way to remove aches and pains, create more space for your growing bump, care for your posture, encourage baby into the optimal fetal position for birth, learn calming breathing techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond, feel positive, bond with your bump, prepare for the birth, relax and meet others. Moves are adapted when needed for example for pelvic girdle pain.  Classes are run in 5 week blocks on Tuesdays in Seaford and people tend to keep coming until they have their baby. If you miss a week, a recording can be sent. No experience is required before attending.

baby yoga flying baby.jpg
St James Trust, 11 Blatchington Road, Seaford, East Sussex, UK, BN25 2AB

Baby yoga courses are run every half term in Seaford,East Sussex and surrounding areas.  Suitable for all babies from around 8 weeks up to crawling.  People often say this is the most beneficial and enjoyable and fun course they do with their baby.  You both get to enjoy memorable songs whilst stretching and relaxing.  Sensory aids such as baby yoga balls and colourful scarves to encourage movement.  Fantastic to encourage movement, fine and gross motorskills, healthy brain development with brain gym movements, moves to help digestion and joint relaxation at the end with sensory lights.  Parents get to remove post natal aches and pains with restorative post natal recovery exercises. Photos and home-made cakes at the final week.  Very baby friendly and parents dip in and out to feed, cuddle and have the option to use baby yoga dolls should their baby sleep.  Yoga packs provided and a recording sent if you miss a week.  Baby massage classes also offered in Seaford and Newhaven.

New Ipswich based classes due to open Autumn 2022 for babies and pre-schoolers.  Please watch this space or get in touch directly…

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