Find classes with a qualified Birthlight Teacher near you or online by looking in our UK and International Directory below. You can search by name, location or qualification. If you don't find a teacher near you then please contact us.

If you are pregnant and looking for prenatal yoga or 'yoga for pregnancy' classes, look for teachers who are qualified in Perinatal Yoga, Yoga for Maternity or in the pool Aquanatal Yoga. Some teachers offer special classes or workshops for Birth Preparation or VBAC - preparing for a vaginal birth after a cesarean.

If you are looking for classes for recovery after birth you will find teachers who have qualified in Postnatal Yoga or Aqunatal Yoga teachers offering postnatal classes in the pool.

For classes more actively involving babies look for Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Integrated Baby Massage and Baby Yoga and Toddler Yoga. Aquatic Nurture is for young babies in baths and home pools before they are ready for the big pool and Baby Swimming and Toddler Swimmingi. Some teachers have specific training for Yoga with Special Babies and Special Baby And Toddler Swimming.

Well Woman Yoga teachers offer a range of classes from Fertility Yoga to Yoga for a Smoother Menopause. Well Woman Yoga supports women through all the life stages, cycles and transitions.Well Woman Aqua Yoga teachers offer these types of classes in the pool.

Aqua Yoga teachers provide classes in the pool for a wide range of therapeutic purposes.


Laura works with women in pre conception, conscious conception, pregnancy, as a birth keeper walking with women at the sacred threshold and postnatally. She holds women’s circles, events and retreats as well as offering Matriarchal Mentoring, birth trauma debriefing and rite of passage ceremonies

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Woodgrange Road, London, Greater London E7 0QH, UK, The Gate library

Postnatal Yoga 

Nurturing postnatal yoga class with the chance to incorporate the babies into the practice. Great opportunity to relax, recuperate, regain strength and meet other mums while your baby relaxes with you in a safe environment.  Postnatal Yoga benefits include: Core stability (pelvic floor, abdominals, gluteus and back muscles); Realign and maintain suppleness in the spine; Tone deep muscles to ‘close the body’ after pregnancy and birth; Relieve stiffness; promote relaxation through breath’s expansion; detox the system improving blood flow; boost mood and confidence

Toddler Yoga

Age range: 12 months – 4 years

Fun and stimulating “Yoga Inspired” activity for the child and their adult.

Adult and child participate with one another exploring Yoga shapes & moves, mindfulness & breath-work through fun themes, music, games and often relaxing storytelling at the end of the class. This is a great chance for both the adult and the child to do a little exercise as well as discover new ways to unwind together.

Brussels, Belgium

I offer pre and postnatal yoga in Brussels (Belgium) and on line.

EN:Women’s bodies are incredibly well prepared for gestation and childbirth. However, sedentary and stressful lifestyles compromise these innate capacities, not to mention how society conceptualizes pregnancy and childbirth as a medical event in which the woman has little or no power. I believe that yoga can help you live a healthier  pregnancy and birth: to feel stronger, more mobile, to create the best possible ecosystem for your baby, to avoid debilitating aches and pains, to learn to use all the physiological tools that nature has given you. My classes are fun, intense, compassionate and full of information.

ES: El cuerpo de las mujeres esta increiblemente bien preparado para gestar y parir. Sin embargo, los estilos de vida modernos, sedentarios y estresantes, comprometen esas capacidades innatas, por no hablar de como la sociedad conceptualiza el embarazo y el parto como un suceso médico en el que la mujer tiene poco o ningun poder. Creo que el yoga puede ayudarte a tener un embarazo y un parto saludables: a sentirte más àgil y sana, a crear el mejor ecosistema posible para tu bebe, a evitar molestias y dolores debilitantes, a aprender a utilizar todas las herramientas fisiologicas que la naturaleza te ha dado. Mis clases son divertidas, intensas, amorosas y llenas de información. Búscme en Bruselas, Bélgica, o on line.

Lorsch, Germany
willkommen bei Mummyoga.
Schön, dass Du zu mir gefunden hast.
Ich bin Michelle und biete Yoga für Schwangere an 🤰🏻
Das Thema Schwangerschaft und Geburt hat mich schon immer fasziniert.
Auch Yoga begleitet mich schon lange und es ist zu einem wichtigen Teil meines Lebens geworden.
Ich möchte gerne beides verbinden und damit viele werdende Mamas unterstützen, diese besondere Zeit genießen zu können.
Yoga währrend der Schwangerschaft wirkt sich nachweislich positiv auf den Geburtsprozess aus und es hilft, mit Dir und Deinem Baby in Einklang zu sein.
Ich freue mich, Dich auf dem Weg der Mutterschaft begleiten zu dürfen.
Gürtelstrasse 72, Chur, Switzerland

Das Yoga Loft befindet sich im Zentrum von Chur und bietet dir ein vielfältiges Kursangebot und inspirierende Workshops. Sei herzlich eingeladen – ob als Yoganeuling oder Langzeityogi.

Das Yoga Loft Chur ist aus dem Wunsch nach einer Gemeinschaft entstanden. Eine Gemeinschaft, in der sich Yogis aller Art zusammenfinden, egal ob Anfänger, Fortgeschritten oder Profi, gross oder klein, Schwanger, junge Mamis & Babies.

Unser Motto:
ZusammenSEIN, zusammen PRAKTIZIEREN, zusammen ATMEN – we are all one!

Das Yoga Loft Chur bietet unkompliziertes, flexibles Praktizieren, kunterbunt gemischte Lehrer, verschiedene Yogastile und das alles unter einem Dach. Mit einem auf dich zugeschnittenen Abo sowie dem einfachen Buchungs-System verpasst du nie mehr deine Lieblingslektionen oder Workshops.


Pre Natal Yoga

These pre-natal yoga classes are perfect for ‘mums-to-be’ from 12 weeks onwards.

The gentle yet effective approach of these classes aims to internalise the practices and techniques in order to build a body memory that can be called upon with ease, instinctively in daily life, during labour and beyond.

Pregnancy yoga benefits include:

Increase awareness in body, breath and postural changes.

Expanding breathing capabilities in order to breathe for two, assist during labour and birth.

Pelvic awareness (unfold range of movements and as foundational support for the body).

Tone and release pelvic floor muscles in preparation for labour and beyond.

Boost energy and reduce fatigue.

Increase resilience and ease tensions in both body and mind.

Yoga for common pregnancy issues: pelvic girdle pain, encouraging baby into optimal birthing position, better sleep, etc.

Restorative yoga for mums to be & yoga nidra

Postnatal Yoga (without Baby)

Nurturing Gentle Yoga class for Mothers. From 12 weeks onwards and up to any time postpartum.

Open to anyone who’d like to reconnect to body, mind and with other local Mothers.

For those interested in Mum and Baby Yoga (Postnatal with Baby) we are resuming classes in September 2021.

Postnatal Yoga with Baby

Nurturing class for you and your baby. Take some time out to
relax, recuperate, re-strength and meet other mums while your
baby relaxes with you in a safe environment.

Please see our website for full details (link listed above)


Lichfield, UK

I have a yoga studio in Lichfield , UK which runs perinatal yoga classes.

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Sharing Yoga with Lisa Weller.  Offering:

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga

Birthlight Postnatal Yoga

Birthlight Well Woman Yoga

Yoga for Women

Special classes for the Baby Loss Community:

Postnatal Yoga Following Loss, and Rainbow Pregnancy Yoga

Ijzerwegstraat 18, Ostend, Belgium

My name is Julie, I`m all about birth 🙂

I opened my own yogastudio in Ostend: studiomoonbirth where i teach prenatal yoga classes / mama/baby yoga / hypnobirthing and i’m also a doula and birth photographer, as i said all about birth. 🙂

Gisela Collazo
Zürich, Switzerland

I have been teaching Birthlight Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga for 15 years in Zurich, Switzerland. My weekly group classes are both In-Person and Online Live. I teach at Pilates Zürich, Friedaustrasse 17, 8003 Zürich. I also offer Birth Preparation Workshops, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga courses. Please visit my website for more information about my services:

I have experienced and witnessed the transformative effects of the Birthlight practices on women and their families. As a Birthlight Perinatal and Postnatal Yoga Tutor, I am honored to pass on the Birthlight philosophy to yoga teachers and maternity professionals so that they may support families in their own communities.

I offer private instruction both In-Person and Online, and am happy to schedule something with you either at the studio or at your home. Please contact me directly to schedule your session:

My certification as a Birth and Postpartum Doula rounds out my offering so that I can provide constant, professional and empathetic support through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal year.



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Springfield Lane, Weybridge KT13 8AW, UK

My tried and tested live and interactive sessions whether online or in-person are great for creating a lasting bond, stimulating and supporting a baby’s physical, emotional and social development as well as helping to relieve colic, sleeping difficulties, constipation, teething and other ailments.

My baby massage & yoga courses are suitable for all parents and babies, I demonstrate on a doll and only parents massage their baby and you do not need to come from a yoga background.

Baby Massage & Yoga are a perfect pair, beautiful and loving ways to connect & soothe your baby and has fantastic health benefits.

As well as open group sessions, I also offer one to one session do get in touch if I can be of service to you.


Elm Gardens, London N2 0TF, UK

Pregnancy Yoga Virtual Class

Zoom from London or in person NW3 when allowed London, UK

Class Length: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cost to Attend: £15 for a trial session or £60 for 6 classes
Level: Beginner

This class is suited to pregnant women from 14 weeks to 40+ weeks. It is full of wonderful safe stretches suitable to help with the changing pregnant body. You will also learn breathing techniques that are invaluable for labour and all kinds of birth.





Utrecht, Netherlands

Zwangerschapsyoga bij Yoga U in Utrecht.

Zwanger zijn is een spannende tijd waar er zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk veel veranderd. Iedere vrouw en iedere zwangerschap is uniek. Met de zwangerschapsyoga lessen wil ik iedere vrouw uitnodigen om te genieten van het nieuwe leven wat in je groeit. Omdat jouw lichaam 9 maanden lang heel hard aan het werk is voor jouw baby zal je in de lessen veel ontspanningsoefeningen tegenkomen gecombineerd met veilige yogahoudingen voor tijdens de zwangerschap. Maar ook praktische informatie en ademhalingstechnieken die je kunt gebruiken tijdens de geboorte van je kindje en bekkenbodemoefeningen om elasticiteit te creëren. Daarnaast is er genoeg ruimte om de connectie te maken met andere zwangere vrouwen, om te lachen en vragen te stellen. Je kunt vanaf 14 weken zwangerschap op ieder moment instappen in de les. Ook mogelijk als privéles.


Local Pregnancy Yoga suitable from 14 weeks – due date. Karin has been teaching Pregnancy Yoga since 2006 runs a popular weekly class in central Cambridge (currently via Zoom).

Utrecht, Netherlands

Studio Vandaan was set up by Danielle van Grieken in 2010 and as a city-based yoga studio is completely focused on yoga and relaxation around motherhood. Our team offers small-scale live, live-stream and online Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes. We will guide you in a professional and personal way and will always take your personal wishes into account; no matter where you are! Feel welcome to join in one of our studio’s in Utrecht or online!

Studio Vandaan is opgericht door Danielle van Grieken in 2010 en is als yogastudio volledig ingericht op het moederschap. Fertiliteitsyoga, zwangerschapsyoga, postnatale yoga: bij ons vind je alle begeleiding op je pad van kinderwens tot moederschap. Onze yogadocenten, doula’s en masseurs zijn allemaal betrokken en liefdevol. Naast voor online yogalessen kun je bij ons ook terecht voor live groepslessen in onze studio’s in Utrecht of voor privélessen bij je thuis.

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