Amanda Gawthrope: Winner of the Virginia Hunt Newman Award in Baby Swimming

Amanda Gawthrope Birthlight Baby Swimming

WABC has announced that Amanda Gawthorpe is the 2023 recipient of the prestigious Virginia Hunt Newman Award. As the 2009 Award recipient, I am delighted that Amanda has been elected by an international committee that is committed to promote excellence, innovation and dedication to forward the gentle and safe introduction […]

Baby Yoga: the art of relaxed holds

Holding and Handling Newborns Any new parent can remember a feeling of helplessness and borderline despair when holding a new baby who cries in persistent but mysterious discomfort. Then some experienced person comes along, and the baby relaxes instantly in their calm, secure hold. What is different? Can parents who […]

Exploring Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga for Pregnancy

Aquanatal Yoga Birthlight

Mary Freedman spoke with Mara and Natalia about their experience of Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga classes with Birthlight’s founder Françoise Freedman. Mara attended sessions throughout her first pregnancy while Natalia, in her second pregnancy and hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), joined them for two sessions towards the middle […]

Well Woman Aqua Yoga Course at Italy Retreat

Train to offer Aqua Yoga classes and therapeutic sessions specifically aimed at supporting, enhancing and vitalising women’s physical and mental health and wellbeing in the unique and accessible medium of water. 2023 Training Course dates: WHY YOU SHOULD TRAIN IN BIRTHLIGHT WELL WOMAN AQUA YOGA: What is special about the combination […]

Well Woman Yoga supports women through all kinds of life transitions

Cathy Welch shares how Well Woman Yoga supports women through all kinds of life transitions As an experienced childbirth educator it felt very natural to move into teaching first Pregnancy Yoga and then Postnatal Yoga – extending my relationship with the women on my courses and offering a gentle and […]

Well Woman Yoga

Birthlight Well Woman Yoga

Well Woman Yoga – Yoga for Women’s Health and Well-being Why we need specialist Yoga for Women’s Health and Well being Women transform through life in cycles. The reproductive cycle changes bodies and psyches -whether women have children or not. From the onset of menstruation, to childbirth and the menopause and […]