A Yogic Agreement

We are delighted that you have decided to train with us on one of our Birthlight training courses and we look forward to hearing how the students in your classes benefit from this training through you.

We would like to remind you of the Yogic principles from Patanjali during and after you have completed this training. These principles nourish you on your yogic path and the relationships with us your tutors, other course partiicapnts and the students in your classes.

The expertise that we share on Birthlight trainings and the materials that you receive from Birthlight for your course are the product of much hard work, observation and refinement over many years of teaching and training.

We therefore gently remind you to observe Satya and Asteya – truthfulness and non-stealing. This means acknowledging the source of the practices and information you learn on your training with us and that you do not reproduce and distribute any part of our manuals or handouts in any language for your own workshops or trainings. Only fully certified Birthlight tutors may train others in our courses. Please see our website for current tutors.

We thank you for your service to women, babies and families and may you find this training both a resource for your students and yourself.