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Kirsteen Ruffell

Birthlight Tutor

Kirsteen is an experienced Perinatal and Baby Yoga Tutors. She is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, has been teaching yoga since 1998 and began tutoring in 2008. Kirsteen is passionate about nurturing students’ professional development on every training course and enhancing their ability to use new understanding creatively to best serve the students in their own classes.

From early post partum through the postnatal year and beyond

Welcome to Birthlight

Welcome to our training programme in Birthlight Postnatal Yoga. Yoga is applied to postnatal recovery as an extension of pregnancy yoga, incorporating all the benefits of yoga breathing along with the joy of movement and the stillness of deep relaxation. You will learn techniques for the practice of yoga primarily for new mothers and also for mothers and babies together. Postnatal yoga is not something done separately on a yoga mat, but as part of new mothers’ lives while caring for babies. In accordance with this principle, the Birthlight course will cover techniques of breathing, relaxation and gentle yoga movements to be taught to the mothers in many different positions and settings. In this way, our course promotes a truly holistic approach to baby care and parenting.

Birthlight aims to create a friendly environment with lively interaction whilst working closely with each individual student.

We hope you enjoy the course and move on to create your own classes bringing the benefits of postnatal yoga to many families.

About Birthlight

Birthlight is a UK based charitable trust that is dedicated to promoting a sensitive approach to pregnancy, birth and babies. We do this through innovative applications of yoga and practical teachings from many cultures around the world.

Birthlight promotes a holistic approach to birth; integrating body, mind and emotions through the transformations of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Promoting parents’ and babies’ happy interactions is an important way of contributing to the optimal development of children and enhancing the bonding relationships that are formed at this time.