Aquatic Nurture for Newborns November ’21

aquatic nurture for newborns

There is so much more to newborns’ first baths than hygiene: baths ease babies’ transition from their intra-uterine life to the outside world. The bath is calming, stimulating and multisensory all at once. The ways in which we handle newborns shapes the bath experience. With responsive handling, daily baths can […]

Baby Swimming 1&2 (7Dec20 Sunny)

This course imparts Birthlight’s original baby swimming practices backed up by clear rationales. Part 1 relates to babies aged 2 months to 10-12 months (variable). Part 2 expands practices taught in Part 1 for babies in their second year (12-24 months), with additional resources for beginner toddlers. The aim is […]