Yoga for Breast Health

Well Woman Module/CPD
December 1st - 3rd

Yoga for Breast Health

About Yoga for Breast health

Regulated by the endocrine system, breasts respond to hormonal changes through women’s lives from teens to post-menopause years. Breasts matter about how women feel about themselves .

Breast health is ignored in most yoga teacher training courses. Yoga teachers and therapists interested in promoting women’s health with yoga will gain new insights about how to adapt practices to suit women’s breasts, rather than women having to endure discomfort. 

This Well Woman Yoga module/CPD offers relevant knowledge from Ayurveda and Yoga, and a wealth of practical resources that women can use at different stages of their lifecycle whether they wish to take care of their breasts in a preventive perspective or to maintain their health and wellbeing after undergoing breast cancer treatment.



  • Breast anatomy and the key ‘muscles of yoga’ that can be activated in supporting breasts. What happens when breasts change
  • Anatomy and Physiology of breasts in Ayurveda
  • Why and how spinal alignment and correct breathing matter
  • The relation between breasts, heart, and the lymphatic system. Breasts and shakti are related
  • How to accommodate yoga asanas to breasts rather than breasts to asanas
yoga for breast health
Yoga for Breast Health Training Course cpd


  • Two Self massage of breasts sequences (one short, one longer), with instructions about using oils suitable for the breast tissue
  • Self-care for lymphatic drainage (with and without axillary nodes)
  • Yoga-based practices and Asana variations to promote breast health
  • Yoga sequences to ease sore breasts during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and lactation period
  • Breast-based self-nurture with yoga for all women, using mudras and visualisation
  • Gentle but effective stimulation of marma points to promote breast health


  • How to practically help women celebrate their breasts as they are and find harmony with their breasts through their life trajectories and choices (augmentation, reduction, implants)
  • How to use yoga for breast health to develop a more integrated awareness of self care
  • Yoga practices to help women reclaim their breasts after breastfeeding
  • Yoga practices to help women reclaim breasts or breast space-after surgery, with or without breast reconstruction
Yoga for breast health