Train to offer classes specifically aimed at supporting, enhancing and vitalising women’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. Join this fully live online training from wherever you are.

2024 Core Training Course dates:
9-11th Feb

1-3rd March

19-21st April

Course overview

Why Birthlight Well Woman?

With Well Woman Yoga all women can increase their health and well-being through:

  • fluid and dynamic yoga with safe range of motion
  • strength, flexibility, and spinal alignment for wellness
  • therapeutic yoga which empowers women at all stages
  • promoting hormonal balance and menstrual regulation
  • micro-movements for pelvic health and vitality
  • a welcoming, caring environment for transformative yoga
  • face-to-face, circle, group, and pair practices
  • fostering a sense of connection and individual growth
Birthlight Well woman yoga training and health benefits
Well Woman Yoga course new skill set
well woman yoga Birthlight

Gain a New Skill Set

  • Add to and deepen your understanding of women’s life stages and needs
  • Understand the interplay of stress and hormones and how yoga can helpl
  • Draw upon new practice repetoire to adapt your sessions to specific needs
  • Facilitate group dynamics that further enhance the benefits of the yoga you offer

Address Different Life Stages

Learn how to offer classes for particular life stages such as fertility, menopause, pelvic health and more: 

  • Offer more support to women in your general classes
  • Offer tailored support in 1:1 sessions or small groups
  • Offer themed regular classes or workshops around a specific life stage or common well-being issue such as pelvic health, menstruation, fertility or menopause
Well Woman Yoga course new skill set

Birthlight Well Woman Yoga
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