Liese van Dam Birthlight Guest tutor

Liese originally trained as a hatha yoga teacher in India. Her journey with yoga started at a time when life didn’t give her a lot of satisfaction and she was looking for a way to bring spirituality into her life. Once discovered, she intensely practiced and taught all aspects of yoga – including pranayama, philosophy and chanting – for several years in various countries across the globe before settling back in her home country – The Netherlands.

By this time, she had experienced that yoga & ayurveda are two sides of the same coin and that practicing both alongside each other has a deep and powerful effect. In 2006 she officially commenced studying ayurveda and graduated in 2010 from the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies in Amsterdam, (now Delight Academy). At the same time she had met Françoise and trained as a Birthlight teacher for Perinatal, Postnatal, Baby Yoga and Well Woman Yoga. 

With a passion for yoga, nutrition and women’s health; Liese teaches these subjects from an Ayurvedic viewpoint at Birthlight, Delight Academy, The Yoga Therapy Institute and various yoga teacher training courses. At Birthlight Liese co-teaches on several courses by adding the ayurvedic point of view on the course subject with the aim to further deepen the understanding of the Birthlight approach and practices.

Apart from teaching Liese works as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and has a clinic in Ede where she gives consultations and 1-to-1 yoga-sessions. 

Liese’s motto is Ancient wisdom made practical for you!