Well-being articles by Dr Françoise Freedman.

New Book "Hormonal Harmony" by Susanne Haegele "Hormonal Harmony - A Natural Guide to Women's Wellbeing" by Susanne Haegele, Birthlight Wellwoman graduate. Puberty, fertility, maternity, Read more
Introducing new babies to water: the risks of chlorinated swimming pools and the benefits of home tubs In the UK, parents do not need to Read more
The Science, Magic and Nurture of Planet-Wide Baby Holds I have only recently come across ‘The Hold’ promoted by Dr Hamilton, a paediatrician in Santa Read more
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Birthlight training has a very personal origin. It all started with a small group in Cambridge. In the 1980s, as a young mother, at the Read more
Motor skills that help human adults enjoy sport and fitness begin in infancy. In the first two years of life, many of the primitive and Read more
Once upon a time, not so long ago, yoga for pregnancy was considered to be dangerous. Birth preparation programs that included exercise were sensational media Read more