Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond


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Yoga provides a multitude of physical and emotional benefits that can enhance and facilitate the whole experience of pregnancy bith and parenting. This guide identifies the real advantages of yoga for mother and baby. Step-by-step yoga postures are specially adapted for each trimester, with simple breathing exercises, showing how it is possible to give birth ‘lightly’, with minimum strain. Unique yoga and relaxation techniques help to develop shared well being from conception to 16 weeks after birth, and to help mothers to heal after labour. Written by Françoise Barbira Freedman, medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, mother of four and founder of Birthlight, and organisation that promotes a sensitive approach to pregnancy, birth and babies through yoga, this book is a light and lucid practical guide for this special time, with lovely photos of mothers to aid in moving through each sequence.

* Paperback 160 pages (June 3, 2004) * Publisher: Dorling Kindersley * Language: English * ISBN: 1405300566 UK Shipping included. Purchase the appropriate shipping for EU or Worldwide.

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