Perinatal Yoga 2 with Belinda Staplehurst (Livestream)


Perinatal Yoga 2: For those teachers who have completed Perinatal training Part 1 this concludes the training with review and deepening of topics covered, new repertoire included plus the final assessment. Please contact your tutor or the Birthlight office if you have not completed your coursework before booking this course. To receive your Birthlight membership discount please login and it will be automatically applied (purchase membership)



Who This course is for those who would like training in Perinatal Yoga 2.  Tutor for this course is Belinda Staplehurst.
What Baby Yoga training – see details
Where UK / Global
When Days: 1 – 4 Oct. (Thurs – Sun)
Hours: 9:30 – 1pm
Why To receive a diploma in Perinatal Yoga 2 from Birthlight or simply to further your own knowledge of Perinatal Yoga
How The course will be taught live by Belinda Staplehurst in a Livestream course format via Zoom with online course component.  See our faq for details about the course format.  Note: Zoom with broadband connection is a requirement (you will be emailed a Zoom invite link which will enable you to access the Zoom part of the course).  Our technical support person will be available to assist you if necessary (please contact us if you require this).  To receive your membership discount please login and it will be automatically applied (an active Birthlight membership is required).

This in-depth but easily accessible course will equip you with yoga elements and adaptations beyond standard current teachings of pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga.

You will learn the classic components of pre/postnatal yoga teacher training:

  • The benefits of pre/postnatal yoga
  • Yoga philosophy for maternity
  • Fundamentals of pregnancy and postnatal specific anatomy
  • Fundamentals of pregnancy physiology and postnatal recovery
  • Asana modifications, variations and adjustments
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises for pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Use of props, safety guidelines, do’s and don’ts
  • Preparation of class materials and how to set up and manage your class

You will also learn:

  • Specific adjustments of Asana for each of the ‘four trimesters’ (starting with the neglected first trimester and continuing through to the first 12 weeks post birth)
  • Integrated use of the breath in all practices with reference to neuroendocrinology and maternal mental health
  • Birthlight’s unique ‘micromovements of yoga’ for pelvic stability and elasticity
  • Applications of yoga to a body-mind childbirth preparation (from the studio to the birth space)
  • How to empower women of all levels of fitness and body types (chair yoga, isotonic practices to wall), with advanced sequencing for experienced practitioners
  • Yoga walks and bionic dance ignored in Western style yoga
  • Teaching in circles and using a wide range of pair and group practices that create friendship and ease in pre/postnatal classes
  • Applications of yoga “off the mat” at work and at home through pregnancy

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