Aquatic Nurture for Newborns


Tutor: Francoise Freedman

Course Cost: £130 non members/ £95 Members 

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Tutor: Francoise Freedman
Course Cost: £130 non members/ £95 Members 


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Who This course is for those who would like training in how to work with babies in a home bath environment previous to integrating them in pool classes. You may gain a Birthlight Aquatic Nurture teaching qualification by completing coursework. 

See below for an extended course description.

What (description) Short course
Where UK / Global (via Zoom)
When 27 & 28th November 2021 – postponed (contact us)

14.00- 17.30 UK time.

Why To receive a Birthlight Aquatic Nurture teaching qualification in Aquatic Baby Nurture from Birthlight or simply to further your own knowledge of Aquatic Baby Nurture.
How Format: Livestream via Zoom

Tutor: Françoise Freedman

Qualification CPD (Attendance Certificate) or Stand-alone Short Course with coursework (Teaching Certificate). Total hours including home study: 18 hours.
Contact Hours 6 hours
Equipment Recommended: A demonstration doll and baby bath/sink.
Max Participants: 24
New membership included in price? (y/n) No
Tutor created LearnDash material? (y/n) Recording of the sessions will be available for 6 months after the training
Course includes coursework?(y/n) Optional
Paper manual included ? (ie. do we need to put a note about extra postage cost for a paper manual to foreign addresses outside UK) Yes


Extended Course Description

There is so much more to newborns’ first baths than hygiene: baths ease babies’ transition from their intra-uterine life to the outside world. The bath is calming, stimulating and multisensory all at once. The ways in which we handle newborns shapes the bath experience. With responsive handling, daily baths can be a positive introduction to movement in water.  The shared pleasure of the bath (baby bath or shared home bath) enhances early weeks and months for parents and babies together.

The Birthlight Aquatic Nurture short course (Livestream) responds to several needs.

  1. Empower new parents to bathe their newborns confidently at home.  Baby bathing, demonstrated by professionals, used to be -and sometimes still is-, part of hospital maternity care. Our aim is to directly empower parents to bathe their babies in their space, finding their own rhythm, timing and intuition. 
  2. Facilitate new parents’ discovery of their babies’s movements and responses in the bath. In water, parents come to appreciate what Marshall Klaus called ‘the amazing talents of the newborn’. Birthlight simple practices help new mums and dads to handle their babies using relaxed holds, which promote bonding. 
  3. Baths can be the best foundation of water enjoyment and future swimming for babies. There is a cascade of benefits to parents and babies from happy baths in the early months in a contained aquatic environment ahead of joining parent-baby sessions in pools.

This course is focused on practice, taught with abundant visual aids and backed with clearly presented theoretical knowledge (resources are on offer for those who want more).
Participants will be equipped with observation and communication skills to facilitate parents and babies experience. We teach without taking over, rather by using a doll to show parents the baby holds and movements without ‘doing it for them’.
Three home environments for newborns’ baths from birth to 4 months are presented:
portable baby baths, home bathtubs for shared baths, inflatable tubs (birthing pools).
Aquatic Nurture is an effective foundation for the transition from home bath to swimming
with babies in warm pools.

With attention to differences in each environment the course includes the following
elements in four sessions over two days (9.30-am 1 pm each day).

  • Birthlight ‘Relaxed Holds’ for effective support and smooth immersion of newborns in baby baths, as well as for parents’ comfort
  • Keys to reading cues of babies’ comfort or discomfort and responding to these cues
  • Simple techniques to ease the bath experience when needed (swaddled baths, water pouring)
  • Teaching points for effective demonstration of holds and instructions with dolls for
    parents to follow with their babies
  • Pre and post bath activities with newborns that are part of the bath experience
    Breakout rooms, quizzes and Q&A sessions make this course interactive online.

This course has coursework for participants who want the Birthlight Aquatic Nurture
teaching qualification rather than just a certificate of attendance. Coursework consists of three documented case studies of baby baths (with short videos) that complete training with mentoring and feedback for effectively guiding new families in the art of Aquatic Baby Nurture.

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