Find classes with a qualified Birthlight Teacher near you or online by looking in our UK and International Directory below. You can search by name, location or qualification. If you don't find a teacher near you then please contact us.

If you are pregnant and looking for prenatal yoga or 'yoga for pregnancy' classes, look for teachers who are qualified in Perinatal Yoga, Yoga for Maternity or in the pool Aquanatal Yoga. Some teachers offer special classes or workshops for Birth Preparation or VBAC - preparing for a vaginal birth after a cesarean.

If you are looking for classes for recovery after birth you will find teachers who have qualified in Postnatal Yoga or Aqunatal Yoga teachers offering postnatal classes in the pool.

For classes more actively involving babies look for Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Integrated Baby Massage and Baby Yoga and Toddler Yoga. Aquatic Nurture is for young babies in baths and home pools before they are ready for the big pool and Baby Swimming and Toddler Swimmingi. Some teachers have specific training for Yoga with Special Babies and Special Baby And Toddler Swimming.

Well Woman Yoga teachers offer a range of classes from Fertility Yoga to Yoga for a Smoother Menopause. Well Woman Yoga supports women through all the life stages, cycles and transitions.Well Woman Aqua Yoga teachers offer these types of classes in the pool.

Aqua Yoga teachers provide classes in the pool for a wide range of therapeutic purposes.

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I offer specialist fertility yoga, yoga during pregnancy and Birthlight postnatal yoga in Richmond, London and online. My passion is to help women in their 1st to 4th trimesters and beyond feel calmer, more comfortable, and equipped for birth and early motherhood with group and one-to-one pregnancy yoga classes and mum and baby yoga classes, and online courses.

My classes are designed to help you find ease, relax, reduce common aches and pains, prepare and heal from birth. And make your transition into motherhood a little easier. No yoga experience necessary.

I offer the following services:

  •  Group pregnancy yoga classes in Richmond, London and online
  • One-to-one pregnancy yoga classes in your home and online, including yoga in early pregnancy and birth preparation workshops
  • Group mum and baby yoga classes in Richmond, London and online
  • One-to-one postnatal exercise and recovery yoga in your home and online
  • Online pre-recorded pregnancy yoga course “Pregnant in Anxious times”
  • Online pre-recorded course ‘Yoga and baby massage for colic & reflux babies’

My approach to yoga during pregnancy involves a combination of yoga-based movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness and deep relaxation, as well as antenatal information and birth preparation. My pregnancy yoga classes are suitable from the first trimester right up until birth for all women, and designed to complement your antenatal care.

I also specialise in pregnancy anxiety and pregnancy after infertility and loss.

My mum and baby yoga classes combine Birthlight postnatal yoga for mum, and baby massage and baby yoga for baby, suitable from 3 weeks after birth (including caesarean birth) until your baby is crawling.

For further information and booking, please visit:

In-person group pregnancy yoga classes and mum and baby yoga classes are accessible in Richmond, London at Studio 17, East Twickenham.

Fertility yoga sessions available on a one-to-one basis, at home or online. More information on my sister Instagram account

I offer a free 15 minute initial telephone consultation for all one-to-one sessions (fertility yoga, yoga in early pregnancy, yoga during pregnancy, birth preparation, postnatal exercise and recovery, how to do baby massage for colic). Email me to book a consultation, or book a slot directly from my website

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Billingshurst, UK

I have been running Aqua Yoga classes in West Sussex for 10 years, specialising in one to one sessions. These sessions are tailor-made for clients to work supporting them with long term conditions. The Aqua Yoga sessions are also a complementary aid for injury and mobility. Sessions with larger groups can be arranged.

I also worked with children with disabilities, allowing them to obtain freedom in water through experiencing gentle Aqua Yoga.

One to one sessions and some group sessions are also available for pregnant Mums, as well as for recovery postnatally.

The sessions are based in private pools in West Sussex.


East Grinstead, UK

We have lovely calm Baby lessons and energetic and fun Toddler lessons. All designed to help babies and toddlers have a love and enjoyment of the water. All the lessons are progressive so every week there will be something new to learn.

I run Ante Natal Aqua Yoga classes in a privately hired warm pool on Monday evenings. Different class times to suit those returning from work or waiting on childcare. Aquacalm4mums2B has been running in Wickford since 2010.


Navigation, Intuition and Instinct

… knowing what your options are and how to navigate the pathway is so important … even the suggestion of booking in a sweep starts that ripple off …. go with your intuition and instincts – what feels right for you … navigate, negotiate and have those sensible conversations that support you and your baby so that you get the most out of the journey into motherhood and the best start.

If you are looking for a class that supports you in every way possible then please do connect … spaces available and it’s so much more than a pregnancy yoga class in the traditional sense. A Ripple Effect class is a “one-stop” shop … you get so much in terms of antenatal education, an amazing tool box for pregnancy, labour, postpartum and your everyday life which has yoga, relaxation techniques, breath work, “hypnobirthing” techniques (supporting those who have been to other classes or accessed online platforms), rebozo and self care … as well as meeting other fab ladies who are also on this journey to motherhood. They are a treat and certainly not to be missed. Add in the gorgeous bespoke Space you have a recipe that will support you all the way …

A little about me … I am a gentle soul … I pride myself on the classes I offer and the amazing work that has been shared into the community over the last 18 years … I am sure that as you journey deeper into the classes available in the area you will no doubt be seated next to someone who has been along to a Ripple class and believes that everyone needs a “Claire” … 1200 babies and families to date and 2 of my own doesn’t mean I am an expert but I am hoping I can help you shed some light to support you with your little one.

Look forward to connecting with you.

Claire x

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321 Harborne Lane, Birmingham B17 0NT, UK

I am an aromatherapist and qualified children’s nurse. I own and run a complementary health clinic in Birmingham. From here I have taught baby classes for the past 16 years. Through Birthlight I discovered yoga and the joy of sharing yoga based baby and parent classes. Teaching these classes does my heart good.

Clare straughan picture.jpg

I teach baby yoga at The Lemington Centre on Tuesdays 10-11am (term time only). I also teach Toddler yoga on Fridays 10-11am (term time only) at West Denton Community Centre, Hillheads Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 1DN.

Get in touch for more information 🙂


I am a yoga teacher with over 14 years of teaching experiencing, including many years of teaching pre-and post-natal yoga in East London. I have helped many hundreds of women to feel more comfortable,  confident and relaxed during their pregnancies and births, and have welcomed back many of them on the other side with their babies – which is always such a joy.

In the words of one of my recent students:

“I would definitely recommend Sarah’s pregnancy yoga classes! They have been a real help to stay healthy and well during pregnancy, both mentally and physically. The class is tailored to pregnant mums, keeping our bodies fit during pregnancy, but Sarah also gives us very helpful tips about positions and breathing during childbirth. She clearly knows what she is talking about and she always takes her time for any concerns or questions. It never feels like she is on a schedule. The classes are more than just yoga. Each session starts with checking in on each other. It’s very helpful to share pregnancy concerns with other ladies going through the same thing. The community of pregnant ladies that we have built in Sarah’s classes is such a wonderful support. I can’t wait to join the post-natal classes with our babies later on!”

Please contact me or visit my website for details of my current weekly classes, or follow me on

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Meeting House Lane, Lancaster LA1 1TX, UK

I am currently teaching Birthlight Baby Yoga for pre-crawlers and Toddler Yoga classes in Lancaster at the Quaker Meeting House and the Storey Institute. I also teach pregnancy yoga classes.

I’m available to teach  private pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, baby yoga and toddler yoga sessions.

I also teach private or small group birth preparation classes.

I am a Birth Doula and Postnatal Doula and member of Doula UK.

I have been teaching pregnancy yoga since 2012 and baby yoga since 2013. I’ve been a doula since 2011.

Please contact me for further details at , on 0777 923 2866 or go to my page:

Tuesday: Baby yoga (pre-crawlers) 11:00

Wednesday: Toddler Yoga 10:00-10:45;Baby Yoga 11:00-12:00;Pregnancy Yoga 6:15-7:15.

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Cowfold Road, West Grinstead, West Sussex, UK, United Kingdom
Haarlem, The Netherlands

Zwangerschapsyoga (Pregnancy Yoga)

Zwangerschapsyoga is een fijne manier om in beweging te blijven tijdens je zwangerschap. Het helpt je om in balans te blijven tijdens deze bijzondere periode en bewust stil te staan bij het wonderlijke proces van nieuw leven in je buik.

Tijdens de lessen oefen je om je rust te vinden, je te concentreren op je ademhaling en bouw je kracht en stabiliteit op. De yogahoudingen zijn aangepast op de zwangerschap: er wordt rekening gehouden met je groeiende buik en alle andere fysieke veranderingen.

Vanaf je 12e zwangerschapsweek kun je met de zwangerschapsyogalessen starten. De lessen zijn doorlopend en je kunt de lessen volgen tot aan het eind van je zwangerschap. De lessen zijn voor iedereen toegankelijk met of zonder yoga-ervaring.

Lestijden zwangerschapsyoga

  • Maandagavond 18:45 – 20:00 (NL): Glow Yogastudio Haarlem
  • Woensdagochtend 10:45 – 12:00 (NL): Glow Yogastudio Haarlem
  • Woensdagavond 18:30 – 19:45 (NL: Glow Yogastudio Haarlem
  • Donderdagavond 19.30 – 20:45 (NL): Oohm Vogelenzang
  • Vrijdagochtend 10.15 – 11.30 (English spoken): Glow Yogastudio Haarlem


  • Eenmalig gratis proefles
  • 10 rittenkaart: 135 euro (6 maanden geldig)
  • 5 rittenkaart: 70 euro (3 maanden geldig)
  • Een losse zwangerschapsyogales is 17,50 euro.
  • Jonger dan 21 en zwanger? Jonge moeders mogen gratis lessen volgen.
  • Lid bij Glow of Oohm? De lessen vallen binnen de abonnementen (dus je hoeft niet extra te betalen om te kunnen deelnemen aan de lessen).

Sommige zorgverzekeraars vergoeden (gedeeltelijk) zwangerschapsyoga! Het is zeer de moeite waard om dit even te controleren. Bij aanschaf van een rittenkaart, krijg je van ons een factuur die je kunt inleveren bij je zorgverzekeraar. Wij voldoen aan alle eisen die verzekeraars stellen.

Mama & Baby (Postnatal Yoga)

Vijf wekelijkse lessen voor na je bevalling voor jou en je kindje (vanaf 4 weken tot 6 maanden na de bevalling). Maximaal 10 deelnemers.

Mama & Baby is speciaal voor vrouwen die net een kindje hebben gekregen. Opeens is je leven anders. In de periode die achter je ligt, is er een hoop veranderd. Zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk. De Mama & Baby lessen helpen bij het vinden van een nieuwe balans en ondersteunen lichamelijk herstel.

In de lessen besteden we aandacht aan het versterken van de bekkenbodem, buik, onderrug en benen. Daarnaast doen we oefeningen die de schouders, bovenrug en nek ontspannen en soepeler maken. Dit gebied wordt door het vele tillen en dragen van je kindje, maar ook door het voeden van je kindje, zwaar belast waardoor het stijf kan aanvoelen.

Je kindje ligt tijdens de les gezellig bij jou op je mat en kan meekijken, slapen of meedoen terwijl jij dichtbij hem/haar bent. Voel je vrij om tijdens de les je kindje te voeden of te troosten. Alles mag, niets hoeft!

De laatste les van de cursus staat in het teken van Baby Voetreflexologie. Gebaseerd op het boek en lessen bij Floor Tuinstra: ‘Masseer de kwaaltjes van je kindje in 1 minuut weg’. Baby’s ondervinden al snel resultaat van de reflexologie en gaan beter slapen, hebben minder tot geen krampjes, zitten lekkerder in hun vel en produceren weer volle luiers!

Ook bereiden deze lessen je goed voor op de reguliere yogalessen.

Elke maandagochtend bij Glow Yogastudio Haarlem
Tijdstip: 10:45 – 12:00
Docent: Martine Bruin
Prijs: 18 euro voor een losse les, 75 euro voor 5 lessen.

Maximaal aantal deelnemers: 8

Handig om mee te nemen:
Verschoonmatje/kleedje, dekentje of wrapper voor je kindje, luiers, speentje, voeding, speeltje en schone kleding voor je kindje.

Voorbereiding op de bevalling (Birth Preparation) workshop

De Partnerworkshop bereid jou samen met je partner voor op de bevalling. Jullie krijgen samen inzicht in het verloop van de bevalling en tips om de bevalling zo goed en zo ontspannen mogelijk te laten verlopen.Tijdens deze workshop worden de volgende onderwerpen behandeld:

  • De werking van de baarmoeder en spieren
  • Hormonen
  • De rol van de partner
  • De fases van de bevalling
  • Houdingen tijdens de bevalling
  • Ademhalingsoefeningen (geen zorgen, we gaan niet puffen!)
  • Massage-oefeningen tijdens de zwangerschap/bevalling
  • Geboorteplan
  • Eerste contact met je kindje
  • Kraamtijd

De partnerworkshop is voor jou en degene die bij jouw bevalling aanwezig is. Dit kan je partner zijn, maar bijvoorbeeld ook je moeder, zus of vriendin zijn.

Deze workshop kun je ook volgen als je geen zwangerschapsyogalessen hebt gevolgd, of deze ergens anders hebt gevolgd.

Deze workshop kan ook op afspraak als privé workshop geboekt worden (alleen samen met je partner).

Deze workshop wordt op zaterdag of zondag gegeven – check de website van Glow Yogastudio voor de data.
Tijdstip: 15:00 – 17:30 uur
Kosten: 59 euro per duo | niet-leden 69 euro per duo


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Bracknell RG42, UK

I run Pregnancy and Mum & Baby Yoga  classes in Bracknell, Berkshire. As well as Well Woman Yoga classes. Classes are small and friendly, no experience of yoga is required.

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable from 14 weeks onwards and helps promote a comfortable pregnancy. Classes work wonders to prepare the body and mind for the birth and are a great way to meet other Mums.

Mum & Baby Yoga is suitable from 6 weeks after the birth up until baby is crawling. We focus on stabilising the core and reconnecting with the pelvic floor as well as easing out postnatal aches and pains.  Baby Yoga is included  as well as mutually beneficial movements. Classes are fun and playful in a relaxed environment.

Well Woman Yoga focuses on nurturing yoga that promotes core and pelvic floor health. This is a fun relaxed class.

Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK

Guiding women through pregnancy, nurturing her and her baby, supporting women’s long term wellbeing through yoga, breathwork and massage. This is my life’s work!

Westfield Road, Woking GU22 9QA, UK

I offer pregnancy, postnatal and baby yoga classes and also baby massage classes in the Woking area. My classes are friendly and welcoming with the option of social media groups to be part of a local supportive community. Currently classes are all online with the hope to returning to socially distance classes when we can.

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