The New Method for Submission & Marking of Coursework

As of June 2020 we started using a new, less expensive, simpler method for students to submit coursework. The 4 simple steps are:

  1. The students create their own free, personal account (10gb free) and put their coursework in there and when finished they email a link to the tutor (There is instructions for them on our website about how to create their own, free, personal account).**
  2. The tutor then clicks on that link and has a look at their coursework and writes up an evaluation of the coursework using a template supplied by Birthlight (email Kirsteen or Carol Anne for this template).
  3. Once finished writing up this evaluation the tutor emails a copy of the evaluation to: 1. the student 2. to and puts a copy of the evaluation on G Suite (just click on the link we send you via email to access the folder – it has a foldername of the pattern: “<location> – <date> – <course type> – <tutor>” similar to how it was done on before).
  4. Finally, the tutor should email the Birthlight office & Coordinators ( and in order that the office can prepare the certificate and record that the diploma/teaching certificate has been awarded into the Birthlight records database (i.e. MindbodyOnline database)

Tips for Successful Course Marking

  1. Communicate well with your students about their coursework (expectations, confirmation of coursework received, etc)
  2. When you receive a submission of coursework from a student always be sure to send a confirmation email as soon as possible telling them you have received their submitted coursework (they will be expecting this).
  3. After marking the coursework don’t forget to notify the Birthlight office and the Course Coordinator ( and so that the diploma/certificate can be sent and the award can be recorded in the Birthlight records database.

** Please note that Birthlight does not keep student coursework (ony our evaluation of it). It is the student’s decision if they’d like to keep their coursework or not.