8 Well Woman training path

Initially devised as one stand-alone course we are now progressing to also offer individual modules in this rich and vast area that you can choose to explore on their own, or to study in a combination of your choice to create the Well Woman diploma that reflects that your particular areas of interest.

The Well Woman modules that Birthlight will be offering are as follows:

  • Menstrual health and fertility
  • Pelvic health
  • Therapeutic yoga for complications from birth and postnatal period, reproductive organ health and other disorders affecting women
  • Menopause

Several modules together can be combined towards achieving your Well Woman diploma, along with the coursework.

Tor those who want more than a Certificate of Attendance and seek to gain a teaching qualification, this course comes with coursework in the form of a worksheet (10 questions) and two documented case-studies (either one group and one individual, or two individual case studies, face to face or online).  Coursework can be completed within six months and will be carefully assessed with personalised feedback. This Short Course counts as a module of the Birthlight Well Woman Yoga Diploma which is accredited with the Yoga Alliance.