5 Benefits of Well Woman Yoga

Well Woman Yoga is accessible to women of all ages irrespective of their level of fitness, including those with compromised hip and knee joints and those who carry excess body weight.

Physical Benefits

  • Yoga enhances hormonal function and assists us in taking a positive involvement in our own health promotion and maintenance
  • Maintains the flexibility of the spine and joints, keeping the body supple and agile
  • Allows intense exercise with low impact stress
  • Increases the efficiency of the nervous system for body repair and mental stability
  • Improves blood flow to the pelvic area
  • Detoxifies and moves fluids
  • Stimulates the receptors in the skin
  • Promotes hormonal balance through the reproductive cycle from menarche to post-menopause years
  • Enhances oxygen supply and cardiac output
  • Strengthens the muscles and keeps the spine straight and supple
  • Alleviates chronic pain

Emotional Benefits

  • Yoga nurtures the ability to relax and to cope with change in our lives
  • Promotes positive feelings and alleviates anxiety and depression
  • A feeling of greater control (panic attacks)
  • Reduced dependence on anti-depressants and other medications such as sleeping tablets
  • The Well Woman yoga circle offers a discretely supportive environment in which emotions can be released safely
  • Tension release, relaxing and calming: pleasure and fun!
  • Helps healing suffering due to consequences of trauma

Well Woman Yoga essentially relaxes us and allows us to open our hearts, allowing energy to flow and communication to develop from this flow. Qualities of effortlessness in relaxed stretches and breathing practices make Well Woman Yoga an excellent introduction to general Yoga for mature beginners once therapeutic goals have been achieved.