1 Welcome to Birthlight

Welcome to our training programme in Birthlight Well Woman Yoga. If this is your first Birthlight Well Woman training it is essential that study this module before you start your course as it creates the foundations to our approach and will enrich your learning. You can also refresh your understanding if it’s been a while since any previous Well Woman training. There are a number of small quizzes throughout this module. You do not need to submit written answers but please make sure that you feel confident answering them. If you do not then please review each section. Further points for discussion can be brought to the training course.

We look forward to welcoming you to our training course. At Birthlight we give special importance to the quality of the welcome we give to those who train with us as well as the women who come to our Yoga classes with the aim of improving their wellbeing at any stage in their reproductive cycle. Birthlight aims to create a friendly environment in our courses as well as our Yoga classes with lively interaction whilst working closely with each individual student. We hope you enjoy your training course and move on to enrich or create your own classes bringing the benefits of Well Woman Yoga to many women.