It is very important that the birthlight registered trade marks be used in a way that sends a positive, professional message to the public, and which as a result maintains our good reputation. The following rules should be followed whenever the birthlight registered trade marks are used:

  • The official birthlight certified teacher badge may only be used by those who hold a current membership with Birthlight (renewable annually) and who have attained the corresponding certification.  If we find you are displaying your badge in opposition to these principles we will request that you remove  your badge from public display.
  • Only the official birthlight certified teacher badges and font (as seen below) should be used
  • The Font (or typeface) that is used for the word birthlight should be Arial, which is a True Type font and the word should be written in lower case.

You can suffix the name with ™, as follows:  birthlight™

You should only use the badge in the format (including but not limited to the colours) in which it is downloaded from the birthlight website or in which it is provided to you on disk. You must not attempt to draw the badge yourself. However, you may reproduce the badge in black and white (greyscale) where to reproduce it in colour would be inappropriate (for example, in photocopied documents).

Here we set out the basic rules, which should be followed whenever the birthlight trademarks are used:

  • Where you wish to reproduce the name “birthlight” in the official font, you must use it as presented on the birthlight official documents and website
  • When you wish to refer to course programmes or other products or services offered or accredited by birthlight, you must use the appropriate registered trademarks if this is applicable to your teaching area. You may use the same font as the font you use elsewhere in the reference. However, the suffix ™ can still be used. For example: Birthlight™ Aquanatal Yoga
  • You are encouraged to make use of the birthlight icons for each teaching area as they figure on the birthlight website
  • If you merely wish to reference birthlight as a charitable organisation (for example, when talking about the history of the charity), rather than using the word to describe a service offered by birthlight, trademarks are not necessary