Training course structure

Our training areas

Birthlight has 5 main training areas with overlaps:

Birthlight Training Areas

Levels of training

In each training area, birthlight offers three levels of training:

Level 1 courses

Impart core sets of practices with underpinning theoretical knowledge and teaching points (3 day courses completed by coursework)

Level 2 courses

Provide an expansion of the training imparted on Level 1 courses and offer a deeper level of understanding of anatomy, physiology and research findings with a comprehensive set of practices (2 - 3 day courses). Level 2 courses are equivalent to previous Diploma status for pre 2011 Birthlight Diploma holders

Level 3 courses

Level 3 short courses are intended to offer resources for deepening and expanding the teachings of yoga teachers already experienced in running classes.

Diploma courses (Yoga for pregnancy and birth, Baby swimming and Well woman yoga)

Include three integrated components: two taught courses (Part 1 and Part 2) with a period of supervised home study between them. Diploma courses reflect the need to impart the full knowledge required for teaching yoga safely and professionally to pregnant women and to women seeking to promote their reproductive health and wellbeing with yoga

Short courses and study days

Complement birthlight trainings at Levels 1 and 2 with specific sets of teaching materials. Short courses can be  combined and integrated across the birthlight areas of training. These courses are part of our CPD programme that includes short courses, study days and other advanced courses, guarantees quality standards for teaching safely and professionally with updated theory and techniques.

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