Criteria for enrolling

Criteria for enrolling on birthlight courses are not uniform. Some of our courses require a previous yoga teaching qualification, others a previous swimming qualification or previous training as a maternity professional. Some short courses are open to professionals who have gained recognised qualifications with other organisations. Please check entry criteria for courses that interest you.

We endeavour to make training accessible to motivated applicants with financial constraints as much as we possible. Assisted places on birthlight courses are offered to applicants on a case by case basis.

 Criteria for Enrolling

Birthlight ‘mother’s route to training’ and apprenticeships

For those who are motivated to join the birthlight network in a teaching capacity but do not have the required qualifications for entry, or prefer to gain experience slowly, birthlight offers a ‘mother’s route to training’. The ‘mother’s route to training’ is typically for mothers who have experienced the benefits of birthlight classes and wish to start setting up classes themselves in their area. Apprenticeship is a traditional mode of training around the world.

Knowledge and skills are gained through shadowing and assisting a Certified Birthlight Teacher (Level 2 or Diploma holder) over a period of time that varies from six months to two years, followed by a formal assessment by a Birthlight Training Tutor. Details of training and assessment procedures in the birthlight apprentice scheme are available on request.


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