Birthlight tutor - Jane Collins

Jane Collins

Jane is a fully qualified Sun Power Yoga and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher as well as a Birthlight Teacher and Tutor (for Perinatal Yoga and Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Health Progessionals). She has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and has been teaching a variety of yoga classes for a wide range of ages and abilities since 2001.

Jane has been teaching Birthlight pre and postnatal yoga classes since 2006 and is passionate about the benefits. She strongly believes that a happy, comfortable and calm mother can have a more empowered and enjoyable pregnancy and labour and that this positively effects the rest of a woman's life, her child's life, and in turn benefits the whole family and the people that surround that family.

Jane is extremely proud to be a Birthlight Tutor and thoroughly enjoys training others to pass on Birthlight's teachings. She knows that Motherhood is an extremely important role and as yoga teachers we can provide valuable support.
 Jane has taught Pre and Postnatal Yoga for 7 years,  and has tutored for Birthlight for 3 years. In this time she has tutored several courses in the UK and in Turkey with excellent results. Jane has researched her subject in great depth and continues to update her knowledge to enable her to provide a high level of training. Her teaching style has proven very popular with students. She shares her knowledge clearly and with an enthusiasm that is infectious. 
She feels eternally grateful to Francoise Freedman for teaching her so much about pregnancy and birth.

Jane lives in Matlock and is the mother of two young boys.

“Jane’s voice was just perfectly balanced for this course.”

“The warmth and approachability of Jane, coupled with her excellent knowledge of the subject made for a great experience.”

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