Birthlight teacher training

SMART Toddler Yoga

Our values for training and teaching across 5 areas of teaching:

  • Safe, simple and accessible
  • High quality standards
  • Carefully adapted and tested practices that can be easily integrated in the daily lives of pregnant women, of new mothers with their babies and of couples
  • Compatibility with mainstream healthcare
  • Meeting needs not addressed in maternity services
  • Constantly evolving content and methods to deliver best practice

Our training methods integrate:

  • Theory and hands on practice
  • Rigorous professional standards and friendly supportive style
  • Scientific research evidence and practical interventions
  • Information and proficiency, confidence and practical teaching skills

Our courses include:

  • Comprehensive illustrated course manuals and practice worksheets with abundant resources
  • Access to online training resources
  • Residential options with additional course content
  • Training with guest pregnant women and mothers with babies as much as possible besides practice with dolls
  • Membership offers access to a vast network of trained teachers throughout the UK and worldwide
  • The Guide to Birthlight offers a comprehensive introduction to new members

Our training qualifications reflect our standards and values:

  • Birthlight is a Professional Association with an acclaimed international reputation
  • Courses are accredited with organisations valued by employers in keeping with Birthlight Standards and Code of Ethics and Best Practice
  • In rare instances when trainees do not meet the standards required for their practical assessments on courses, additional practice is arranged towards a further assessment at a later date

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