Baby yoga level 1 (3 days)

This is a three day intensive course that covers the period 3 months to pre-mobile babies (9-12 months variable).

Who is this course for?

The course is open to:

  • Health professionals (nursery nurses, health visitors)
  • Children centre’s staff (such as  Sure Start Staff) 
  • Instructors in yoga for children and infant massage
  • Qualified Birthlight teachers
  • Yoga teachers with an interest in babies
  • Mothers, through the Mother’s route to Training, conditional to the reading of the anatomy and physiology of infants before attending the course.

Course outline

Like all birthlight courses, the course is a blend of theory, practice and teaching methods with the aim of imparting practical proficiency and confidence to students over a relatively short time.

The special focus of this course is on pre-mobile babies 3-12 months and the dynamics of parent baby pairs. The course includes a clear presentation of the knowledge that baby yoga instructors need to have in order to teach parents safely and competently. The practices taught on the course are an expanded version of the pioneering set developed by Françoise Freedman, including ‘relaxed holds’, ‘swings, dips and lifts’, the 3 ‘hip sequences’, moves for strength and balance, moves for ‘tummy time’. Songs and movements together, as developed by Sally Lomas, are also taught on this course.

The course offers a wide range of resources for creating flexible lesson plans and offering classes that are both professional and enjoyable. Whenever possible, two of the sessions on this course involve practice with guest babies.

How is this course assessed?

This course is tutor assessed with a practical and a theory assessment during the course. Coursework consists of one case study (minimum of 4 sessions), one class observation and one mentor feedback. It should be submitted within six months following the course.

The aim is to develop your teaching skills and gain confidence for the best delivery of your classes. Once the above is submitted and successfully marked, you will receive a Birthlight Certificate in Baby Yoga Level 1 to teach to 3-months old to pre-mobile babies.

The next step is the Diploma in Baby Yoga which will enhance your general teacher qualification and add more value to your personal journey. This is obtained after successful completion of Level 1 (including its associated coursework) and Level 2 with additional coursework (long question, worksheet and a Book / DVD review).

What qualification is gained on this course?

On successful completion of the course and coursework participants receive a Certificate of Baby Yoga Level 1 that entitles them to teach this age group.

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