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I was a high flying city broker - now I travel the world helping mums bond with their babies

She used to be a high-flying stockbroker, spending long and stressful days trading on the Japanese money markets. But Marion O’Connor left her high-powered role to bank on a better life.  Read more

11 May 2016

I did Pre-Natal Yoga when first, I’m not pregnant, and second, I’m a guy

“Breathe in and as you breathe out, slowly clasp both your palms to your baby. Feel him or her connected to you,” says prenatal yoga instructor Lexi Payumo, standing in front of a crowd of four expectant moms and a dude—a.k.a. me.

I’m not quite sure how I talked myself into this prenatal yoga class in Urban Ashram Manila. Read more

12 August 2015


Alex Glanville, a Birthlight Perinatal and Baby Yoga teacher in Reading, was on the BBC Radio Berkshire discussing caesareans. Listen to the discussion.

29 Apr 2014

Baby Yoga

Birthlight baby yoga teacher Sarah Brassey's article on baby yoga in 'St Andrew in Focus' magazine. Read More

March 2014

Birthlight aqua yoga

Francoise Freedman's article on birthlight aqua yoga in the Yoga & Health magazine.  Read more

1 Aug 2013

The path of birth

Article from Birthlight Russia

Francoise Freedman is an anthropologist, founder and director of Birthlight, lecturer of the social anthropology department of Cambridge University. She told Yoga Journal about her travels, life on the bank of the Amazon and the connection between yoga and shamanism. Read more

July / August 2013

Роды как путь

Легендарная Франсуаза Фридман — антрополог, основатель и директор организации Birthlight, преподаватель кафедры социальной антропологии в Кембриджском университете. Yoga Journal она рассказала о своих путешествиях, жизни на берегах Амазонки и связи между йогой и шаманизмом.  читать далее

Family Fun

Article from Birthlight Australia

Put aside your thoughts of what a regular yoga class entails and enter the world of kid's and family yoga, which teaches that fun is the most important ingredient in life. Read more

1 Mar 2013

Who can we trust?

Mother, yoga teacher, birthlight tutor, and founder of InJoy; Rosanna Kalliabetsos provides an insight in to the reasons why advice varies so much from midwife to GP or obstetrician; she advises on how to support your clients to make informed and empowered decisions about their pregnancies, births and their babies’ health.  Read more

1 Feb 2013

Birthlight postnatal yoga

Francoise Freedman's article on birthlight postnatal yoga in the Yoga & Health magazine.  Read more

1 Oct 2012

Yoga exercises for mother and baby

Yoga teacher Melissa Knapp from Yoganic in Willoughby has some Birthlight Mother & Baby Yoga moves that you can try at home. Developed by Birthlight creator Francoise Freedman, they’re suitable for babies from six weeks old (eight for caesarian). Read more

Article from Australian Northside newspaper.
4 Aug 2011

Yoga for Mother and Baby

Yoga & Health Magazine article on Francoise Barbira Freedman's new book 'Yoga for Mother and Baby'. This is a happy, easy and practical little book that offers interactive moves for mothers (fathers too) and babies from birth to the third year. Read more

1 Sep 2010

Yoga Für Mutter und Kind

Online article about Birthlight and Baby Yoga. Yoga für Babies und Kinder zusammen mit ihren Müttern ist ein moderner Ansatz im Yoga, der sich zunehmend verbreitet. Read more

1 Jul 2009

Crashkurs im Baby-Handling

Article on Baby Yoga which appeared in a German Mother & Baby magazine. Startvorsprung dank dem? Oder einfach eine modernere Form von Mutter-Kind-Turnen? Ein Besuch in einem Weiterbildungskurs fur Baby-Yoga-Lehrerinnen. Read more

1 Mar 2009

Blissful Birth

Yoga Journal article based on an interview Francoise gave whilst teaching a Perinatal Yoga course in Moscow. It explores Birthlight's approach to pregnancy yoga. Read more

1 Feb 2009

Therapy For The Wandering Mind - Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Barry Elms, Birthlight trained Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga teacher and therapist, explains how yoga can provide therapy for the wandering mind. Read more

1 Jan 2009

Water For Life

Birthlight teacher Paula Hickman gives her views on water confidence. Water confidence is based on safety as a priority. With drowning believed to be the third most common cause of accidental death in children, teaching a child as young as possible is vital. Read more

1 Sep 2008

Francoise Freedman, Naitre en douceur

Forte d'experiences initiatiques aupres de femmes en Amazonie, Francoise Freedman, anthropolgue et professor de yoga, fonde Birthlight en 1992. L'ecole enseigne une approache holistique de la grossesse, de la naissance et de la petite enfance. Avec beaucoup de douceur et de generosite, Francoise Freedman eclaire pour Sante Yoga la periode sacree de la gestation et de la naissance. Read more

1 Jun 2008

Promotion of Baby Yoga in Moscow. Read more

3 Mar 2008

Are you fashionably flexible?

Both yoga and Pilates have witnessed something of a revolution recently. Celebrities such as Liz Hurly and Gwyneth Paltrow are both keen followers, and if enrolling means you can
achieve a post-baby body like Ms Hurley, it’s good enough for us. Read more

31 May 2005

Elaine Westwick looks at Cambridge's very own baby charity. 

It provides an insight into the origins of the Birthlght charity. Read more

The Voice' Cambridge NCT Newsletter, Spring 2007, pp 9-13

Bend it like Baby

We kid you not – yoga for mums and their babies is all the rage. We show you how...  Read more

Jul 2005

The Daily Telegraph

Yoga for happy babes

Thirteen tiny bodies are firmly swung and rhythmically bounced, and the smiles on their faces show they love it.   Read more

Dec 1998



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