Aqua yoga for health and therapy

Aqua Yoga TherapyFor all those who cannot get the benefits of yoga due to past injuries or discomforts with some poses, Aqua Yoga therapy increases the range and quality of stretches. Aqua Yoga therapy is open to sufferers of chronic ailments such as back pain, arthritis, MS and ME. In water, even people with restricted mobility on land, due to their weight or age, can increase their movement in relatively short sessions. A 30-minute Aqua Yoga Therapy session or class can be totally refreshing and energising with positive emotional benefits. Aqua Yoga is also effective as a complementary aid to physiotherapy and post-operative recovery after surgery, fractures or accidents. Water micro movements can help people to specifically strengthen weak muscles or ligaments without strain.

Aqua Yoga Therapy is offered both in classes and as individual sessions.


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