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From pre-conception to the early years, birthlight is dedicated to the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies

Birthlight has something for you - whether you are a parent or parent-to-be, a yoga teacher, a midwife, another health professional or simply someone interested in promoting joy in pregnancy, parenting and women's health.

Birthlight is the gold standard in its field. We are the first organisation of our type in this field, offering a continuum of wonderful practices from pre-conception, through pregnancy and birth, through the early postnatal period, to babies and toddlers, for women right through the menopause as well as for their partners and other family members. And we offer these on dry land as well as in water - again the only ones to do all of this.

We are a network not a franchise - we don't tell you what to do but aim to inspire and provide practical ideas whatever your circumstances and approach.

At the heart of Birthlight is Françoise Freedman who since 1990 has developed a unique approach handed down over generations all over the world, continuously combining this knowledge with findings from cutting edge research. Our ethos and practices are yoga-based but not confined to yoga as they take inspiration from anthropology, dance, medical science, anatomy and physiology, art, poetry and above all what it is to be human, a mother, a baby, a parent, a family member.

Once you get involved with Birthlight you will experience something that will change your life forever. Time and time again those we come into contact with, tell us that Birthlight has transformed the way they live and work, give birth and parent. We don't just teach a set of practices, we also spread and embody the underlying attitude of compassion and respect for yourself and others and set free the natural joy that is within all of us.

Birthlight offers world class teacher training, with outstanding tutors, in five main teaching areas and have an integrated training course structure. To help you understand how the courses relate to each other we'd recommend looking at birthlight training at a glance.

Join us today and experience the Birthlight spirals of joy expanding around you.

"This has been an awesome experience - I have learned so much through this beautiful way of working with women for healing. It has also been a personal healing and strengthening experience, more than a teacher training course. From my heart, thank you"

"Everything has been explained to me in such a beautiful relaxing way and enhanced my passion in my teaching. I have had the most wonderful experience and enjoyed every single minute of my course. I have learnt so much".

Perinatal Yoga

Aqua Yoga

Baby Yoga

Baby Swimming

Well Woman Yoga

perinatal yoga

aquanatal yoga

baby yoga

baby swimming

well woman yoga

postnatal yoga

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fertility yoga

birth preparation


toddler yoga

toddler swimming

yoga for pelvic health

birthlight yoga for maternity


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motherhood yoga


advanced baby swimming study day


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Trainees will receive comprehensive illustrated course manuals and practice worksheets with abundant resources on their courses. To provide further support during training birthlight provide online training support for all courses that have an element of coursework. 

In each area of training we offer three levels of training. The criteria for enrolling are specific to each course.


Featured courses

Aquanatal Yoga

Baby Yoga Level 1
18 - 20 March, 2017
Venue: Perth, All Creatures Healing - Mardella

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Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga Level 2
21 - 22 March, 2017
Venue: Perth, All Creatures Healing - Mardella

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Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga
23 - 24 March, 2017
Venue: Perth, All Creatures Healing - Mardella

More details

Toddler Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Part 1
31 March - 3 April, 2017
Venue: London, UK, effraspace

More details

Toddler Yoga

Well Woman Yoga Part 1
30 June - 3 July, 2017
Venue: London, UK, effraspace

More details

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Featured products

Birthlight - Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond DVD

This DVD programme focuses on the unique techniques of adapted yoga, moving postures, micro movements, breathing awareness, spinal alignment and flowing movement to help women experience the best pregnancy possible. In addition, this DVD includes a bonus section for Post Natal Recovery which includes exercises to begin doing immediately after birth to start the healing process.

Price: £12.00
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Baby Yoga Song Book + CD
All over the world sing-songs and rhymes with actions have been a traditional way to encourage play and learning for babies and small children. This illustrated book and CD features some of the favourite songs from Birthlight Baby Yoga classes.

Price: £12.00
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Baby Swimming Song Book + CD

We have gathered the most popular water-themed melodies and rhymes enjoyed in Birthlight classes over many years. Enjoy this booklet and CD that you can use both as a sing-along and as happy traveling music for babies and toddlers. Join us at Birthlight Baby Swimming classes to see how songs and movement can be combined to create fun beneficial sequences in water.

Price: £12.00
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Birthlight Water Parenting DVD

Whether you start with a newborn or with a toddler, this DVD offers a wide range of resources that all parents can use, even if they are not confident swimmers. Babies clearly show us what they enjoy, what they tolerate and what they dislike. Birthlight Water Parenting shows parents how to read and respond to baby and toddler cues in water at any time.

Price: £19.99
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