Two sides of the same coin

Former trustee of Birthlight Rhea Quin shares with us how meeting a Birthlight mum and dad with their new baby inspired thoughts around the closeness of birth and death.

Last Wednesday I visited Shire Hall in Cambridge to register the death of my ancient father.  He passed away gracefully at the age of almost 102. When I came out of the registrars office, a couple were waiting in the waiting room, smiling.  I noticed immediately that they were quietly waiting, but also looked so happy, radiant in fact.  I said 'hello' and they were very responsive, so we chatted.  Then I spotted this little crib containing a peaceful baby.  The couple had come to register the birth of their ten day old baby.

As a former Birthlight Trustee I took an interest in the birth. 'Yes, this little girl was born at the Rosie Hospital.  Yes, it was a water birth and was very quick, really easy."  Well, I decided to inquired further.  "Oh, said the mother, I knew how to breathe.  I attended classes at Birthlight.  There I learned how to breathe during the birth. It was so helpful!."  Meanwhile the father was fully participating, adding snippets of information.  So I told them about my connection with Birthlight and they were delighted.

Yes, they might well take their little one to Baby Yoga classes.

I looked at this tiny bundle of humanity, so peaceful, and was reminded of a Tibetan Lama who once told me that well birthed, well cared for babies are in a state
of perfect meditation much of the time... until they loose it as they engage more with the world.

I felt so uplifted after this meeting, and after registering my fathers death.  He often said: Birth and death, they are two sides of the same coin.


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