Giving my daughter the best fighting chance

How Baby Yoga is more than ‘just a fad’ it’s life changing for a Hampshire family.

Within 3 weeks of starting baby yoga with Bibble & Bubble, doctors looking after seriously ill baby Zoe Hawkes were amazed by her progress.

Zoe was born prematurely at just 29 weeks. Doctors at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth had 12 minutes to deliver her and save her life. They had 30 minutes to save her mum Sarah.

The consequences were huge. Zoe had to be rescuitated and she had a serious bleed in her brain. The doctors were honest with Sarah and her fiance Alex; Zoe would be disabled with a 90% chance of having cerebral palsy.

Early on clinicians and counsellors recommended baby yoga - that's when Sarah contacted Megan de Kok, the founder of Bibble & Bubble Baby Yoga.

"I know how much yoga can help babies develop their muscle tone whether they have a disability or not. It's been fantastic to see the improvement that Zoe has made and most importantly that she and her mum feel happy and enjoy doing yoga in class and at home" says Megan.

Megan is a trained and registered yoga practitioner and childcare expert from Fareham. Her experience has helped hundred of mums, not only to enjoy the special bonding process with a newborn but also with behavioural and sleep issues. She adds...

"Bibble & Bubble is more than just a baby class, it's become a bit of a sanctuary where mums can relax with their babies and its success is measured in more than just the number of classes I hold, but by the mums coming back with their second and third babies"

Since setting Bibble & Bubble up in 2010 Megan's seen her business become one of the most successful baby yoga classes in Hampshire - and she regularly hold courses across the county; in Whiteley, Waterlooville, Southampton, Gosport, Winchester. She's keen that other parents who have babies with special needs listen to Zoe's story and how some simple yoga and massage techniques may be able to help.

Since starting baby yoga there has been a marked improvement in Zoe's physical condition. It's enabled her to improve her core stability so much so that at 9 months she's now nearly sitting up on her own, to begin with Sarah and Alex didn't know if Zoe would even be able to hold her head up.

"We can make sure that Zoe has the best chance she can and that's where the yoga is essential. We could do it from day one. Zoe is 90 % likely to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2 - but we don't know how severe it will be - our intervention & everything we do now can help with that from until Zoe is 2."

The baby massage is giving Zoe more of a chance to improve her tone potentially lessening the impact of the cerebral palsy as she gets older. The medics and physiotherapists believe the baby yoga and Sarah's commitment to it at home in Horndean which is making a difference.

For Sarah, it's been a tough 9 months. With a 4 year old son, working full time and also planning her wedding to Alex, she also needs to come to terms with the fact that her future has dramatically changed - but Bibble & Bubble has helped with that too.

"It is so nice to be treated like a normal Mummy. No one stares, treats us differently. I love it. Megan knows her stuff, she's given us so much confidence and in the classes I don't stand out, I'm just part of it. We wouldn't have done nearly as well without Megan and the yoga."

"It may not be available on the NHS, but the hospital staff we met recommended we try baby yoga and it has made a big difference. They're delighted in the progress Zoe is making".


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