Nurturing baby massage

This is a training Birthlight offers to those who are interested in supporting postnatal parents and their newborn infants. When qualified the teacher will be entitled to take classes to support and teach parents how to massage and interact with their baby using appropriate massage strokes.  A variety of holds, walks and other gentle movements for the benefit of both postnatal parents and their babies will be taught.  The massage strokes and yoga based moves, will give parents confidence to handle and to move with their babies.  They will assist with postnatal healing physically, mentally and emotionally, strengthening, toning and realigning mums pelvis and spine.    Relaxation techniques for parents and babies together are also taught in each class. Parents can let go of tension and calm their minds with their babies beside them, in a safe and comfortable environment.  Not only will a tired parent benefit from relaxation, they will help to teach their baby the importance of "quiet" time.  

The need for close parent / baby contact from the moment of birth, is important for the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of the baby The gentle exercises taught to the parents and babies, often include little rhymes and songs. Group classes bring parents of newborns together in a safe and friendly environment, encouraging parents to share their feelings, emotions and experiences without judgement or criticism.  Parents are taught how to understand and recognise their baby’s needs and desires by simply playing with and observing their individual baby.  The classes are relaxed and fun.  Parents gain confidence in their parenting skills as they help, and support each other. Providing a contrast to the busy and demanding life as a new parent, Birthlight baby nurture classes provide a relaxed environment where support is given by just being there.  I have had the privilege in providing such classes for parents and babies for more than 17 years.  I cannot even start to describe the joy and pleasure they bring to me!

Benefits for parents:

  • Gain confidence working with their newborn
  • Aids postnatal recovery
  • Toning and strengthening body and mind
  • Encourages positive parent / baby interaction
  • Social interaction with other parents and babies.

Benefits for babies:

  • Aids digestion
  • Helps to calm and relax
  • Encourages secure attachment
  • Says "I LOVE YOU"


Liz Doherty, Birthlight Baby Yoga, Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Swimming and Birthlight Maternity Yoga tutor.

Nurturing baby massage teacher training course

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